British tabloid The Sun apologized for the text of the published 5 on Tuesday. December on a refugee route across Croatia under the title "Six days to horror", which proved to be false, pointing out that after this event they changed the policy of engaging free journalists for similar topics.

Freelance journalist Emile Pierre Ghessen argued that no passport was inspected on a Balkan refugee route through Croatia, but the Croatian Ministry of the Interior (MUP) denied it, announcing that the journalist was registered in Tovarnik 23. November in 14.10 hours and that Croatia left 24. November by airplane from Zagreb in 17.20 hours. The MUP published a copy of Ghessen's passport on that occasion.

"We apologize for the misleading information. We have now changed the policy of engaging free journalists on similar stories, "The Sun said. The list explains that after the release of the story of a former soldier of British elite troops that he "slips from Turkey to Paris without a passport" came to know that it was a fabrication and an investigation into the circumstances of the alleged article was launched.

"Contrary to what we were told and what we did, Ghessen used a passport to enter and leave Zagreb, in Croatia. These have been confirmed by the Croatian authorities, and we now also believe that the journalist used the passport at other border crossings in Europe and his story has therefore not shown that control at European borders is weak, "he adds in apology.

Former member of the Royal Marines in his report on the so-called Balkan route wrote that he used smugglers to enter Greece from Turkey by acting as an Iranian citizen and had uncontrolled all states on the route, including Croatia.

The list has already announced that it is a journalist who is not a part of the editorial office but a freelance journalist specializing in documentary reportage whose work has been published by national television, daily newspapers and portals.