09.08.2010., Zagreb - Zdravko Mamić held a press conference in Maksimir on the premises of the press for the dismissal of coach Zajecu. Photo: Goran Jakus / PIXSELL

On Tuesday, Uskok demanded a temporary blockade of a $ 7m bail, which President Dino Zdravko Mamić was charged with leaving the detention center when he was detained for the first time in July.

This is a temporary measure to which the prosecution decided on the same day that the Zagreb County Court of Appeal ruled out that Mamic could continue to defend himself with freedom from 14 million kuna. However, on the decision to block the previously deposited bail, which should be returned after the new determination, Mamić has the right to appeal.

The out-of-court council decided on Tuesday that Mamic will not be able to contact the witnesses and carry out duty in Dinamo after he has issued a new bail and is released.

Along with Mamić's 14 million kuna, his son Mariu Mamic was confirmed a previously set bail of five million kuna, and two controversial entrepreneurs - Sandra Stipančić and Igor Kroti - bail of four million or two million kuna.

The Croatian Football Association (HNS) leader, Damir Vrbanovic, is also suspected of having been released immediately after the launch of the investigation to defend himself.

Mamic thanked the people who collected the bail

During the afternoon on the website of Dinamo, an article was published saying that Mamic "thanks to his lawyers" thanked everyone who supported the club and him.

"I also thank all the people who have collected the bail for me, but I refuse to accept that money because I do not think I should expose them to such burdens. I will try to get the guarantee in the real estate of my friends, "said the most powerful man of Croatian football.

Dinamo announced that the whole club was firmly behind the executive president and continued to work on the achievement of "commonly set goals". "We are also convinced that the accusations of Uskoka and DORH will be unfounded and Zdravko Mamic will return to his daily activities at the club," Dinamo said.

He should not contact the witnesses, even to Brother Zoran

When placing a bail and leaving Remetinac Mamić, except that he will not be able to serve as the executive president of Dinamo during the investigation, he should not contact the witnesses, including his brother Zoran, Dynamo's coach.

After you deposit cash or real estate that you must previously have filed a pledge right, the suspect will have to promise in the court to comply with the precautionary measure.

The new Uncensored Investigation Against the Most Powerful Man of Croatian Football is the result of the supervision he has been conducting for the months of the tax fraud detection department at the Ministry of Finance.

Over ten million euros and half a million pounds have allegedly been drawn from Dinara

So called. Tax Uskok allegedly found out from Dinamo via the offshore companies of 2004. drawn over ten million euros and half a million pounds. For this part of the story, on suspicion of prosecution, Mario's son Mario and two imprisoned entrepreneurs Krota and Stipančić were in charge.

According to the media writings of the names of the two Istrian entrepreneurs, they were mentioned earlier on several occasions in the context of malversations and money laundering abroad via off-shore companies.

The prosecution suspects that Mamic, as executive vice president and board member of GNK Dinamo, in the period from December 2004. until April this year, he joined the Criminal Association of Vrbanović, as chief executive officer and board member of Dinamo, his son, Krotu and Stipančić as business leaders or prosecutors of companies from Switzerland, the Arab Emirates, Great Britain and Hong Kong.

Mamic with his son, Krotom and Stipančić allegedly agreed to conclude fictitious agreements and contracts between Dinamo and companies from Switzerland, the UK and Hong Kong on taking over GNK Dinamo's non-existent debts to players and for non-existent mediation services when transferring players on behalf of GNK Dinamo signed by Mamic and Vrbanovic.