The Finnish government will seek asylum seekers to work freely and acquire knowledge of Finnish culture and society, the government announced on Tuesday, pushing for measures to strengthen immigration policy.

The conditions in the countries from which asylum seekers have arrived twice a year will be assessed regularly, and, if necessary, the residence permits will be canceled. Authorities will no longer approve asylum-seekers from southern and eastern Afghanistan, it was decided after an assessment of the situation in that country.

"New measures will increase our policy and remove a possible element of attraction," Prime Minister Juha Sipila told reporters.

This year, he arrived in the country around 32.000 asylum seekers. Valda said and will speed up return to asylum seekers who do not meet the criteria. It is estimated that around two-thirds of the application will be rejected.

In the country there is growing anti-immigrant mood and violence against migrants. The government will also allocate work to labor-intensive asylum seekers with the explanation that it will help resolve the tensions with them.

"It will not necessarily be a paid job, it can be something outdoors or a job at the reception locations ... What are the most futile are the more frustrating," says Labor Minister Jari Lindstrom.