The new government of Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau opens a public debate on the fate of hundreds of killed and missing women from indigenous populations in Canada whose 1200 has been killed or missing for three decades and promises an answer to that national tragedy that has been rigged under the rug for decades.

Canadian police announced 2014. to document the death of 1200 women and girls missing or killed by 1980. and 2012.

Women from the indigenous community make up only 4 percent of the female population in Canada, and at the same time 16 percent of all killed women in that country and three are more exposed to violence. United Nations Report from 2015. states that women from indigenous populations such as Inuit (Eskimi) or Mixed Race have five times more likely to die for violent deaths.

"Violence against indigenous women and girls is not a domestic problem, and it is not a female question, but a national tragedy that requires an urgent national response," Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould said on Tuesday.

Two months to collect statements of missing women, and then to set up the goals and parameters of the investigation, said Minister for Indigenous Peoples Carolyn Bennet.

"We have identified the investigation as a priority of our government because people affected by this national tragedy have waited enough. Victims deserve justice, "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

The investigation has been claimed by civilians and associations of indigenous women for years, but the government of former Prime Minister Stepehan Harper has been silent about their calls, AFP writes.

Reasons for a large percentage of violence against women from indigenous communities in Canada are social and economic in nature and are multiple. Some of them include racist and sexist stereotypes, low education, and a high percentage of alcoholism, unemployment, and households with a single parent.

Prime Minister Trudeau announced a greater investment in the education of indigenous peoples.

The Canadian governments' responsibility lies in the fact that for decades their politics have impoverished and deployed indigenous families for decades, for which women have remained at the forefront of society.