A group of European Parliament MPs gathered on Wednesday in Brussels key factors in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the occasion of 20. the anniversary of the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement, ending the war in that country, which today many consider it an obstacle to the creation of a functional state.

Euro-deputies Andrej Plenkovic, Tonino Picula, Jozo Rados, Davor Stier, Dubravka Šuica and Cristian Dan Preda, a Romanian representative and a BiH parliamentary reporter, organized a conference attended by senior officials in BiH, representatives of European institutions, the United States of America.
BiH Presidency Chairman Dragan Covic stressed that stable BiH can only be built on the basis of federalism, constitutionality and equality of peoples, emphasizing that constituency of peoples is "the central term of constitutional-legal tradition in BiH".
"Policies that calculate and question the equality of peoples work against the constitution and harm to everyone. Changes in the constitution must obstruct the equality and representation of all constituent peoples in BiH, "Covic said, citing Belgium as one of the examples that BiH could follow, transforming the centralized state into a highly decentralized one.
Čović stressed that for BiH, Euro-Atlantic integration has no alternative.
Bosniak member of the BiH Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic, said BiH is now on the Dayton phase to move to Brussels. He pointed out that nobody in BiH will be able to impose anything. For him, the first priority is to stop the outbreak of young people, as BiH could "soon become the land of the old people."
The Serbian member of the BiH Presidency, Mladen Ivanić, could not come to a conference for the illness.
EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, said that in the past year, much has been done with regard to European integration of BiH.
She said that the Dayton Pension Agreement enabled the survival of BiH, but that he did not have to stay forever.
Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy Commissioner Johannes Hahn said that BiH, following the entry into force of the Stabilization and Association Agreement, should now go to the next step, which is to apply for EU membership.
Before that, BiH must agree to the SAA adaptation to take account of Croatia's EU membership, namely to maintain the scope of trade exchange that Croatia had with BiH prior to joining the EU.
"It is not a bilateral issue between Croatia and BiH, but between the entire Union and BiH," Hahn said.
Deputy Secretary of State Secretary Brian Hoyt Yee, who is in charge of South East Europe, said that social and economic reform is a priority in BiH and that this does not necessarily have to be related to constitutional changes.
"Institutional reforms should not be avoided, but economic and social reforms must first be addressed, but this is the issue of institutional reform," Yee said.
He stressed that BiH needs to accelerate reforms and make a precise plan that can be done until the next parliamentary elections 2018. years.
One of the organizers of the conference "The European Future of Bosnia and Herzegovina 20 years after the Paris-Dayton Agreement Andrej Plenkovic said that the equality of the three constituent peoples must be ensured and the territorial integrity of BiH can not be questioned.