Croatian students won three silver and one bronze medal at 12. the International Natural Youth Olympiad (IJSO) which is from 2. to 11. December held in Daegu, South Korea, attended by students from the 43 state.

The students of Tea Arvaj, Petar Nižić-Nikolac and Noa Jelić Matošević won silver medals, and Paula Vidas bronze medal, while the two students Marta Paladin and Klara Tomašković from the six-member teams also showed very good knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology. on Thursday, prof. Dr. Krešo Zadro, leader of the Olympics Competition Team.
The International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) is an international contest of students up to 15 years of knowledge from natural sciences.
249 students from the 43 state participated at this year's Olympics. Only the competition took place during three days with a day off between. The students first dealt with a test with thirty multiple choice response choices, then theoretical assignments and at the end of experimental assignments.
Members of the Croatian pupil type, selected on the basis of the results achieved in state competitions from physics, chemistry and biology in the last school year (2014./15.), And additional testing conducted by 13. June 2015. at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Zagreb, were: Tea Arvaj (Third High School Osijek), Noa Jelić Matošević
Petar Nižić-Nikolac (XV. Gimnazija Zagreb), Marta Paladin (Elementary School of Stenjevec, now the Prirodoslovenska škola Vladimira Preloga Zagreb), Klara Tomašković (XV. Gimnazija Zagreb), Paula Vidas (Basic Grammar School, now Gimnazija A. Mohorovičića Rijeka) XV. Gimnazija Zagreb).
The participation of Croatian students at this year's Olympics was made possible by numerous donors: schools, cities and counties from which individual students come from these companies and individuals,
The students of the International Natural History Olympics were led by the staff of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Zagreb - Andreja Lucić, Tajana Preočanin and Krešo Zadro, who is the organizer of the student selection and the preparation of the competition team for the Olympics.