Eight members of the opposition HDZ, HDS and HSP coalition councilors have left the session of the assembly of the Međimurje County on Thursday because of the scandalous statements of the HNS prefect of Matija Posavac, who told local newspapers that - if Međimurje loses its status counties and be part of a larger region - to seek the secession.

Sixteen HDZ councilors led by Dark Horvat, and one councilor of HDS and HSP left the County Assembly session as a club of opposition councilors at the invitation of Horvat, president of the HDZ Medjimurje.

Horvat responded to the current session of the County Assembly in an interview with the Međimurski prefect in the Međimurje newspaper before the 10 of the day, in which county preacher Matija Posavec compared the possibility of territorial reorganization of Croatia with a statement; 'I shall ask for the secession from Croatia rather than to allow territorial reorganization in which Međimurje will drown in other regions or, Varaždin-Bjelovar.' Proposals for regionalization Posavec assessed the arbitrary ideas, saying that Međimurje is only seen as a separate unit of local self-government within or outside Croatia.

Horvat evaluated that Posavec's prefect "placed above the Croatian Parliament". He reminded him of the constitutional provision on the unity and indivisibility of Croatia and on the elements of the criminal offense because of the declaration of secession. The pronouncement of Posavac prefect called prostitutional and counter-diplomatic action, and he asked that there was no reaction to the statement in the Croatian public.

In front of the club of opposition councilors, as he said, the weight of the pronounced counties' words, he called for an abandonment of the session, and the councilors of the opposition left the Assembly after the current hour.

County Posavec: I did not want to undermine the unity and indivisibility of Croatia as a state

On these murders, Međimurje County Prefect Posavec replied to the speaker in the continuation of the County Assembly without the presence of the opposition, saying, in the same way, that it was precisely the option that Horvat was supposed to have built that Croatia was aware of Medjimurje with the statement: Croatia from Adriatic to Drava.

It is precisely because of this statement that it has been a complex for many years in our nation that we are something different from others. We have been talking about a specialty and pride of Međimurje all the time in the last few years, Posavec said.

If anyone is offended by my message, I apologize for it, said Prefect Posavec. But, he added, much is said about the territorial organization without talking, without the analytical background, no further steps, especially the latter thesis that Međimurje must be part of the Varaždin-Bjelovar region,

He pointed out that it was not good to deal with such territorial arrangements.

"I know the laws and the Constitution very well, and certainly I did not want to undermine the unity and indivisibility of Croatia as a state," Posavec said. He also said that his message was "a caricatured message; just to keep this awareness throughout Croatia that the productivity, the results of these people, the public sector and all that we do in Međimurje are an example for all of Croatia. "

Therefore, he added, one should not be afraid that I will take the revolution in Međimurje, but in the context of the talks on the territorial organization, I expressed a more difficult word, but with no evil intention. If I'm told that I have to go to jail for five years, OK, that's not the end of the world, said Prefect Matija Posavec.

30.000 squares in the economic zone sold to LTH Alucast

The Assembly of the County of Međimurje, in the creed, without opposition, has adopted a budget rebalance for this and the budget proposal for the following year. The amount of the most important cantonal document for next year is planned to be 251 million kuna.

Župan Posavec announced that he will be in 2016. around 89 million will be targeted for capital investment.

The councilors confirmed the sale of real estate owned by Međimurje County - 30.000 squares in the area of ​​the former Chancery barracks, and today the Economic Zone "Međimurje Business Park", was sold to Slovenian company LTH Alucast from Čakovec for 670.000 Euro.

LTH Castings has its headquarters in Škofja Loki, owned by two companies from Benkovac and Ohrid. It employs 2 300 people, and produces outings for Audi, Deimler, BMX, Anvis and other companies. Last year, it earned 197 million euros.