On 65. Boris Hanzekovic Memorial on Tuesday, 8. September at the Mladost Stadium will also feature even the 18 bearers of the medals on Sunday's World Cup in Beijing, including Croatian athletes Sandra Perković and Blanka Vlasic.

The starting lists include four world champions, five world champions and nine bronze medalists.

We will have the current world champion in the Memorial Race Boris Hanžeković at the 110 meters (Sergej Šubenkov) and in the visa visa (Marija Kučina) competitions, while the former world recorder at 100 meters is arriving with Zagreb wristwatches in Zagreb. Jamaican Asafa Powell and Jamaica's 400 meter Novlene Williams-Mills.

Among the winners of the world championships that will perform at Hanžek are two Croatian athletes Sandra Perković and Blanka Vlašić. Both in Beijing won silver, Sandra in the throwing of the disc, and Blanka in the high jump.

He won medals in Beijing on the 65 launch charts. Hanžeković's memorial

Marija Kučina (Rus) - jump in highs
Novlene Williams-Mills (Jam) - 4 × 400 meters
Sergei Šubenkov (Rus) - 110 meters
Asafa Powell (Jam) - 4 100 meters

BLANKA VLAŠIĆ (HRV) - jump to the top
SANDRA PERKOVIĆ (ENG) - throwing a disc
Fabiana Murer (Bra) - skateboarding
Natasha Hastings (USA) - 4 400 meters
Fabrice Lapierre (Aus) - Long Jump

Emily Infeld (USA) - 10.000 meters
Alina Talay (Blr) - 100 meters
Cassandra Tate (USA) - 400 meters
Nadine Müller (Germany) - throwing a disc
Michelle-Lee Ahye (TT) - 4 100 meters
Semoy Hackett (TT) - 4 X NUMX meters
Anyika Onuora (VB) - 4 400 meters
Eilidh Child (VB) - 4 400 meters
O'Dayne Richards (Jam) - throwing balls