To warn of the devastation of totalitarian ideologies, members of the Krug for Trg initiative launched a hundred white roses on the fence of the University of Zagreb on Thursday at the hundreds of students killed and persecuted in the Yugoslav communist regime.

On the occasion of the International Day of Human Rights, the coordinator of the Ante Beljo initiative reminded all those killed and persecuted in the 1945 period. to 1990. saying that no square in Croatia should bear the name of Josip Broz Tito "that symbol of totalitarianism from the Communist era".

One hundred roses were set up with a name card and student card, and the members of the initiative were kept transparent with the inscriptions "Who killed students", "Tito is a murderer" and "Tito's crime scene".

"We've put a hundred roses for young people whose studies have been broken up in an arduous manner and who have been abusive and have not participated in military action. Of the 7000 people who were confined and in May 1945. Only sixty were left to travel to the Crossroads, mostly because they were needed as doctors, "Beljo said.

He added that these people had terrible fates, which is about 1700 mass graves in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia. "Tomb locals should be identified, in the wider area of ​​Zagreb there are 173, people are still hard to talk about, and they have to talk because there is no future without the truth about the past," Beljo says.

The Trg Circuit considers that the most beautiful square in Zagreb instead of Tito's name should bear the name Kazališni or University Square. They claim that Tito is responsible for mass killings and student liquidation, that one third of Croatian war-time students were killed on Bleiburg and Crvena puti, and prosecution continued to 1990. years.


Tito's crime scene