Under pressure to sharpen their attitudes towards immigrants, conservative German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Thursday to ban the wearing of burqa, saying that it covers the entire body that some Muslims wear should not be worn in public.

In the resolution to be adopted at the upcoming party congress in Karlsruhe, the leadership of its Christian-Democratic Union (CDU) has resisted the demands of some members of the "Obergrenze" or by determining the upper limit of the number of migrants who can enter Germany.

The resolution on the 18 page, about which the party members will discuss at a congress starting Monday, says they cover what the Muslims are carrying contrary to the German values.

"Everyone who carries them shows that he is not ready to integrate into our open and free society. That's why we reject wearing public covers all over the world, "he writes in resolution.

Neighboring France banned the burden of 2011, while Germany was resisting it.

The CDU also calls for the criminalization of supporting terrorist organizations on the Internet and limiting the rights of immigrants who get asylum in Germany to bring their family home.

The resolution also warns that if the EU is unable to control its external borders, the Schengen area of ​​free movement of people should not remain in force in the long run.

"We want to preserve Schengen," said Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, representing a resolution at a press conference.

"The end of Schengen will have serious consequences. It will cause collateral damage in the area of ​​economy, politics and other spheres. Still, we are here to say that Schengen is threatened, "he pointed out. (Hina)