This year, the main star of the MTV Music Awards was definitely marijuana, smoked by the American music stars without much hiding.
Fabric manufacturers will not be happy to dress in as much material as possible, but manufacturers of self-tanning creams are obviously ahead of this show to profit more than ever.
Some, besides being shown, also received rewards.

Taylor Swift has been awarded the spot for "Bad Blood", the best female spot artist and the best pop spot for "Blank Space". Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars received the Best Male Uptown Funk Award, while Nicki Minaj received the Best Hip Hop Spot for Anaconda. Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar received the Best Duet Award, while the best social media spot received Big Sean, Kyne Westa and John Legend for the song "One Man Can Change the World". This year, Beyonce has just received the award for the best track installation for the song "7 / 11".