Novi Sad, Photo: Ivan Aleksic, wikimedia

Serbian historian Milivoj Bešlin assessed at the roundtable in Novi Sad that Russian propaganda in Serbia was in great expansions and added that the goal of Serbia's withdrawal from the European agenda was transferred by Beta agency on Friday.

Bešlin, speaking in Media Center Vojvodina, concluded that "almost all leading media have a distinctly proputinous and anti-western orientation."

According to him, Russian attempts to withstand Serbia from the European agenda are reflected in the launch of dozens of portals, non-governmental organizations, and it is immaterial whether Russia moved its intelligence center from Sofia to Belgrade, as well as opening the Belgrade branch of the Russian Institute for Strategic Research .

"The anti-riot and anti-liberal pattern necessarily implies nationalism, collectivism, the rejection of the Western development society, the nation-state instead of the modern state," Bejellin said, transmitted by the agency.

Some Serbian media have previously announced that Russia "is beginning to have a kind of war for the dominance and influence on the Balkans" and that the first move will be opening up television that will cover the entire region.

The establishment of Russian media in Serbia was announced in the Russian House 15. October of this year, when some Serbian papers were transferred, an agreement was signed in the field of international social cooperation between the institutions of Serbia and Russia.