Bosnia and Herzegovina has embarked on a new, deep and dangerous crisis that can have incalculable consequences and push that country into new conflicts, a majority of local media commented Friday strongly commenting on Republika Srpska's decision to suspend cooperation with the Court and Prosecutor's Office of BiH and the State Agency for Investigation and Protection (SIPA).

A new crisis on the front pages of all daily newspapers in BiH regardless of which entities they are.
"Dodik's coup on the state" and "RS cut off cooperation with SIPA and BiH judicial institutions", are major headlines on the first pages that brought Sarajevo's "Dnevni Avaz" and "Oslobođenje" while Banjaluka provoked the daily "Independent Newspapers" and "Glas Srpska "on the front page also convey information on the interruption of co-operation that was made earlier by the RS government and parliament.
"Avaz" points out that it is about escalating the Banja Luka-Sarajevo conflict that has lasted for months, and that list, as well as "Oslobodjenje," quoted RS President Milorad Dodik's statement as little on Thursday that an armed conflict between SIPA members and the entity police in Bosanski Novi during the action of arresting five Bosnian Serb suspects for war crimes.
Such statements, such as Avaz, are dangerous for the division within MUP BiH 1992. which preceded the war, but also the so-called. the blabble-revolution Milan Martić began revolt against Croatia.
A similar stance is shared by some politicians such as BiH Presidency member Bakir Izetbegovic, who from Thursday's official visit to Ankara sent a warning that such a development of BiH events could stand in peace.
In the first analysis of Milorad Dodik's decision to end the intense relations in BiH and threaten the armed accounts, it is stated that in the background, all efforts could be made by the RS president to protect his rule against possible criminal prosecution of crime. This is especially the case he insists on parties with the Serbian sign, which are at the entity level in opposition.
Opposition Serb parties did not attend the extraordinary session of the RS parliament, where conclusions on the suspension of co-operation with state judicial and police bodies were adopted in Dodik on Thursday.
"I am confident that this is only motivated by the fact that heavy corruption is present at the threshold of lighting," said BiH Security Minister DRAGAN MEKTIĆ, who is also a member of the Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) leadership.