By decision of the Zagreb Holding Management Dina Tomsic was appointed Head of the Zagreb Fair's branch office.

Mrs Tomšić was born 1970. in Zagreb. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Zagreb where 2007 was. He also completed a postgraduate study program in Business Management - an MBA with a Master's thesis on: Strategic project management in the Croatian fair industry. In 2008. Diplomatic Program of the Diplomatic Academy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Croatia. At the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb, he received a PhD degree from 2015. year, defending his doctoral dissertation on: The role of corporate reputation in building the company's dynamic capabilities.

A business career started with 1994. at the Zagreb Fair as a trainee and gradually progressed to the position of vd assistant branch manager for the field of trade fairs. In addition to the accountable responsibilities at the organizational level, for many years he has successfully performed the role of director of key international fair projects, of which the Zagreb Auto Show is especially distinguished. From the end of 2009. he is engaged in the position of a member of the Management Board member in the Zagreb Holding.

She has conducted several corporate projects in the area of ​​strategic management and development of the Zagreb Holding Group. In co-operation with the Assistant President of the Property Management of 2015. coordinates branch affiliates from the market portfolio. He is currently also engaged as the head of the Operational Restructuring Project of the Zagreb Holding.