For all bookmakers, the most popular fair in Zagreb Fair starts - INTERLIBER, while video game enthusiasts will come to theirs at INFOGAMER. The fairs last from 10. to 15. November 2015.

Visitors, as well as so far, expect full pavilions, a handful of new titles, book presentations, the arrival of Croatian and foreign literary stars, direct conversations with authors by signing books, meeting of publishers, bookstores and librarians, literary workshops, round tables and all this part of a rich program that will take place at an intense rhythm on the stage and at the exhibition venues.

Interliber has traditionally represented the business world of publishing and educational creativity with the highest offering of books and lessons in one place. By its very nature, it goes beyond the national frameworks and gains more and more international significance.

All the most significant domestic publishers present at the Zagreb Fair an extremely rich program of new releases from various fields, proving that publishing in us knows and finds the way for book lovers.

This year's Interliber, 38. the international book and teaching fair is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.


The novelty at INTERLIBER is a specially designed addition to Interliber's name SCIENTIFIC QUALITY, and represents an interactive approach to transferring knowledge and popularizing all sciences in a practical and fun way.

In addition to the publisher's offer, 6 will also enjoy the interactive activities of popularizing science.

The Croatian Publishers' Association and Bookshop of Croatia, in cooperation with the Zagreb Velesajmom, and under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, are introducing a program of scientific culture in which they will be able to enjoy all the desired knowledge in practice.

Visitors will be able to take part in a variety of interactive experiments and workshops - they will be able to walk in geological periods, play a cross-circle with Nao robots, study the 3D printer, isolate DNA from the tissue, discover seductive seductions and more that will present numerous associations, sections, museums, libraries, scientific institutes and highlight individuals from the scientific community.

Special guest today's press conference!

A team from LARICS Laboratory at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing at the University of Zagreb brought a press officer to a special guest, Nao Robot. The robot read a quote from Little Prince. Of course, in the English ZV ZONE

We are particularly pleased to announce that this year's Zagreb-based super-brand Interliber will promote the ZV Zon, the space module of the Zagreb Fair that will design the product design as a venue for the Zagreb Fair as a meeting place.

The rich history of the Zagreb Fair, recorded in time with a series of posters stylized by the hands of Croatian artists, will be presented to the general public in details, visuals, typography and graphic arts in general.

The performance craftsmanship of the Zagreb Fair will once again confirm the high level of professional opportunities of our oldest fair-house.

With a gradual shift away from standards and stereotypes, the Zagreb Fair tradition will be interpreted in a contemporary and interesting way.

The ZV Zone Zone will also be used as a social gathering space and for the presentation of material treasures and various forms of social capital worthy of promotion and support.

One of the interesting things is the Great Bible Exhibition that will be shown by prof. mr. Sc. Drago Obradovic, our only expert in Biblical archeology.

He has dedicated his career to archaeological research of biblical history and is the owner of an enviable collection of about the 400 Bible printed around the 60 world languages.


As every year we expect a great number of new titles at affordable prices.

ALGORITHM - featuring world hits: "Češljugar" Donne Tartt and "Marsovac" Andy Weira with "Tragova na soulu" by Philip Rotha. The most famous American in Croatia Cody McClain Brown will sign his great success story "Flute, slippers and pussy". Promotion and signing of the book "His Side Stories: You" by author, columnist, model and leader of Dean Pelić. All the customers of Marsovac's gift shop will get a sweet bite, Chocolate Mars.

FRACTURE - meetings and signing of books: Nebojša Lujanović, Miljenko Jergović, Ludwig Bauer.

GIRL WITH LACE - socializing with the authors: Bruno Šimleša, Andrea Andrassy, ​​Tanja Tolić, Kristijan Vujčić, Hrvoje Šalković. Particularly emphasis is on the book BAROKNA ARHITEKTURA and the monograph of one of the greatest living Croatian architects - Nikola Filipović, novels of Life and Shadow Unicorn, as well as the recently published novel by KOKOSCHKINA LUTKA of the Portuguese author Afonsi Cruza and the bible of Tomas Zmeškala.

OCEAN MORE - Edo Popovic, Dražen Ilinčić and Nada Rocco will sign their books and socialize with visitors. "Lunar Meridian" The latest Popović work and novel by Drazen Ilinčić "Last Step" will be available to Interliber visitors. Nada Rocco will partner with customers and sign a cookbook "My Crude Passion".

MOZAIK BOOK - meeting with children's authors (Pilić, Polak, Barišić-Madunić, Matanović), workshop with illustrator Željkom Madunić, costumed promotion WRITING IVAN BRLIĆ MAŽURANIĆ.

PROFILE - promotions by Mani Gotovac, Tisja Kljakovic Braic, Vedran Kukavica, Roman Simić Bodruzic, Manuel Šumberac, Rosie Kugli, Slaven Letica, Ljubica Uvodic Vranjic, Jurica Pavičić. Among the novelties are: Umberto Eco Nulti number, Elena Ferrante Days of forgetfulness, Benjamin Black Blackhead, Hugh Laurie Big Complicated Shop, Dolores Redondo Invisible Guardian, Rick Yancey Fifth wave, Pierce Brown Red Ascension, Grégoire Delacourt List of my wishes, Gari Kasparov Winter comes , Peter Finn and Petra Couvée Afera Živago, Todd Kashdan and Robert Biswas-Diener The bright side of our dark side, Mani Gotovac Snebivaš me, Jurica Pavičić Woman from the second floor, Vedran Kukavica I'm not the Sava, Roman Simić Bodrožić and Manuel Šumberac Baba Jaga.

Prepare your favorite book lists and come to INTERLIBER!


Sheep in the box is a literary prize for the best Croatian picture book and is awarded by 2005. years.

It is the only prize in Croatia in which a jury composed of writers, literary critics and illustrators reviews the entire annual production of picture books and evaluates the artistic value of the text and its relationship with illustration.

The aim of this award is to valorize the picture book as a literary-art high-quality artwork, since in Croatia, in recent years, the picture book as a genre is minorized in relation to other literary forms.

Along with the professional jury, the best picture is chosen by an independent jury.

Sheep award in box will be awarded on Saturday, 14. November at the stage at the 6 pavilion.


For the purpose of further developing cultural ties and cooperation between publishers of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina for a long time, INTERLIBER participates in the "Petar Kočić" Borrowing from Banja Luka.

The assignment will be awarded the "Kočić's Feather" prize at the Fair and the winner is the writer and journalist IVICA ĐIKIĆ for the work "DISCONTINUATION".

The award will be awarded to writer and journalist DRAGI HEDLU for the book "DONJODRAVSKA OBALA" Friday, 14. November at 12: 30 hours on the stage at the 6 pavilion.

The VEBLE humanitarian gesture marks the 25 years of action

This fall publishing house VEBLE proudly marks the 25. birthday.

During the 25 years through the various libraries, they published more than 500 titles including encyclopedias, illustrated monographs, childrens titles, popular psychology books, health books and natural therapies as well as a whole range of cookbooks.

In cooperation with the Zagreb Fair they organized the donations of the institutions (Srebrnjak Children's Hospital, Nazor's Children's Home, Laduč Children's Home, AGMatoš Children's Home, Zagreb, Veliko srce Heart Association, Children's and Youth Building Zagreb - Dugave, Center for Rehabilitation Zagreb - Branch Sloboština, Newly opened school in Čič, ...) with their books.

The desire is to use the book even more to make the written word accepted and recognized as a good medium for acquiring new knowledge.

The book package will be on Thursday, 12. November 2015. year in the 19.30 class at the 6 pavilion at the main stage.

A detailed program of expert events of the INTERLIBER fair on stage and stand can be seen on the following link.

With partner, Reboot magazine we organize the most important gaming event in Croatia and the whole region -REBOOT INFOGAMER. Waiting for us to play, socialize, a multitude of tournaments, prize games, action and gift packages.

PAVILJON 8, 8A, 9 and 11A

The reboot infoGamer 2015 in its fourth edition goes from the category of the largest gaming fair in the southeast of Europe to one of the largest gaming fairs across Europe.

In the five days of the event, in the four full pavilions of the Zagreb Fair, the focus of the event will be the presentation of the latest video game developers, developers, publishers, gaming hardware, analogue games and extremely large regional gaming tournaments.

The fourth release of Reboot InfoGamera is expected to crash all records.

With an even bigger number of world-renowned publishers and the introduction of the latest games as gaming hardware, there have also grown large international eSports tournaments that get their special pavilion.

The great news in the content this year is a whole hall dedicated to indie game developers from across Europe and the region whose presentation is expected in an exceptionally large number as well as the introduction of the first regional educators who are focusing on targeting young people to hiring in one of the fastest growing creative entertaining industries of today - games industry.

A particularly large community event that will take place during the weekend will gather for the first time on Reboot InfoGamer a dozen of the largest community names from gaming video blogging, streaming and youtube gaming.

Reboot infoGamer has expanded its size and international reputation with all regional frameworks and is one of the largest gaming fairs in Europe.

This year we expect more than 50 000 visitors to recognize the growing importance of gaming culture and gaming industry as the world's largest entertainment industry growing rapidly.

The 8, 8 and 9 and 11A pavilions on the surface of more than 12 000 square meters of exhibition space will be the 100 exhibitors and will be able to test more than 500 gaming units.


Visitors will be able to see the show of unusual and strange cell phones through history, interesting accessories, inflated batteries, successful and unsuccessful copies of cell phones and gaming mobile phones.


INTERLIBER: More than 260 exhibitors on more than 12.000 m²


The opening ceremony of the fair will be 10. November 2015. in 11: 00 hours at 6 pavilion. The fair is expected to open the prof. Berislav Šipuš, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

Entering the Interliber Fair for all visitors is FREE.


The fair starts with 11. November 2015. in 11,00 hours in the 8 pavilion.

Fair Date pavilion working hours
INTERLIBER 10. - 15. 11. 5, 6 10.00 - 20.00 hours
Friday and Saturday
10.00 - 21.00 hours
INFOGAMER by REBOOT 11. - 15. 11. 8, 8, 9 and 11A 10.00 - 21.00 hours
10.00 - 20.00 hours
other days
One-time ticket 40,00 kuna
Ticket for all days 90,00 kunaParking for all visitors from the south, west and east of the Zagreb Fair is free of charge.


HŽŽP - Visitors to the Fair from Croatia and Slovenia approve 40% discount on the return ticket price. You can look at the conditions below to get a discount link..

Hertz rent a car for exhibitors 25% discount, for 15% discount visitors


It is located in the 6 pavilion and is available to journalists every day during the trade fair. Telephones: 01 / 6503-524,

Contact person:

Nataša Mrđen Budisavljević,
Public Relations Manager
tel. 01 / 6503 498, 099 8036 920