The Mala Scena Theater Zagreb as the fifth and last premiere of the year, on Tuesday evening, presented the comedy opera "Amelija goes to dance" directed by Frane Marija Vranković and in collaboration with the Music Academy in Zagreb, showing that the Croatian art scene of young musical talent is lacking.

The opera by American composer Gian Carla Menotti was premiered by 1937. in Philadelphia he plays a humorous way with the rules of that day's social bonton.

At the heart of the story is Amelie, whom we anticipate in the preparations for the first left season, for which he intends to leave at any cost. While her ministers help dress her, her friend comes after her, but she is sent off by the arrival of Amelia's husband, who found the lover's letter in the drawer and now demands that Amel reveal his name.

Amelia agrees with her husband to find out who her lover is, provided she promises she will still take her to the left. His husband accepts, but when Amel reveals that he is cheating on a neighbor from the third floor, he moves with him immediately.

The following story is almost plain and simple - Amelia is depicted as a lazy woman whose main concern is to go to dance, despite all the circumstances. Her relationship to adultery is unimaginable, her husband is reluctant to leave the rules of time that determine that she has to deal with a lover, while the lover idealizes love affair.

At the end of Amelia she gets what she wants and goes to dance, where she is accompanied by a police chief who comes to their house after the angry Ameli has spotted her husband with a blow to the head.

The story is fun, the melodic music, the arias light, but the power of that production is certainly interpreters, young students of the Academy of Music, who breathed life's life with beautiful singing and witty performance.

Amelia was introduced to the premiere by soprano Aleksandra Bilanović; husband baritone Luka Ivoš; and tenor tenor Tomislav Tukš. Maja Mužar (mezzosopran) also appeared; Klara Pelin (soprano), Buga Marija Šimić (mezzosoprano); basses Toni Nežić and Ivan Starcevic, and tenor Luka Shindija. The work was performed in Italian with Croatian subtitles and piano accompaniment by Ante Sladoljeva.

The fourth collaboration of the Small Scenes with the Zagreb Academy of Music gave them the opportunity to show their abilities to the real theater audience.

The project partner is Scena Gorica from Velika Gorica, and after the premiere at the Little Stage the performance travels to Velika Gorica, where the first performance will take place in the Galenica 18 hall. December