This Saturday, 19. December in 11 hours do not miss the inevitable holiday ballet of Orsara in the stunning performance of the London Royal Opera House ensemble.

For everything to be in the Christmas spirit of goodness and love and the price of tickets is more accessible than in any other movie theater. The ticket is 40 kuna, and it is for FP members Tuškanac and children up to 4 of the year 20 kuna.

Checkout is open every day from 18 to 21 clock, and one hour before Saturday screening, phone: 4834039.

Orašar (2013.) Two-stage ballet, Royal Opera House, London; choreography: Peter Wright towards Lee Ivanov; music: Petar Iljič Čajkovski; original screenplay: Marius Petipa; production and screenplay: Peter Wright; set design: Julia Trevelyan Oman; shaping light: Mark Henderson

The ensemble ensemble: The Royal Ballet; conductor: Martin West; orchestra Royal Opera House

Starring: Marianela Nuñez (Sugar Fair), Thiago Soares (Prince), Gary Avis (Drosselmeyer), Meaghan Grace Hinkis (Clara), Tristan Dyer (Hans-Peter / Orašar)

From the first tactics reversed to Orsara, Peter Iljic of Tchaikovsky, spectators observe the sense of secrecy and magic as they watch Mr. Drosselmeyera launching a series of events that will help the clever Clare release his beloved nephew Hansa Peter of the spell cast by the evil King of Mice.

The action of the orchard occurs in two just magnificent acts. In the first act, the act starts on Badanj evening when Drosselmeyer's little Clari donates a doll of Orsara. Then comes the night in which we come to the wonderfully growing Christmas tree, the midnight battle of soldiers' toys in which the Orsar wins the evil King of the Mouse and his mouse army, and the energetic dog de deux where Clara and Hans Peter meet and celebrate victory before they will enchant a miraculous snow storm. In the second act, a young couple is in the Kingdom of Candy where a number of amazing dances entertain the Sugar Fairy, her beautiful prince and glittering subjects. In the classic production of Peter Wright, premiered at Covent Garden 1984, this ballet is an inevitable Christmas treat for the audience of all ages.