On the 61 birthday of the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla, Savska Street 18, Zagreb, on Sunday, 20. December 2015. will allow visitors a free tour. The Museum's working time is from 9 to 13 hours.

Visitors will be able to see a permanent exhibition with expert guidance through the Rudnik, Cabinet of Nikola Tesla and Planetarium. There is also an interactive exhibition of the Alphabet of money initiated by Erste Bank and Erste Group in cooperation with the Children's Museum ZOOM from Vienna and the Children's Museum Frida & freD from Graz. This is the most visited exhibition we have ever seen by more than 10.000 visitors.

9.30 is also heading for the old Zagreb tram from 1926. a museum exhibit that will return us at this time of Advent at the time of old Zagreb.

A new exhibition, Countless Faces of the Periodic Table of Elements, will be open to the public, which is the author of our well-known scientist Dr. Sc. Nenad Raos. The exhibition is divided into three thematic units. The first is about Mendeleyev and his work (the prediction of yet undiscovered chemical elements). The second part speaks of the predecessors of the periodic system, while the third is dedicated to the history of the discovery of chemical elements.

The special attraction of the exhibition is the original display of the 3 x 7 x 2 m dimensional dimension system. Interactive installation also serves as a quiz equipment. Do we know the periodic system? In the quiz, two students or two groups are competing to achieve more accurate answers to the two questions set for each element. And another interesting show. From the Newlands Oklahoma Law we can write music for each chemical formula for each chemical reaction. The music called Snoozing will be shown to us. Oxidation of the alcohol (ethanol) into ethanol and then into the acetic acid - this is the reaction that occurs in our body, in the liver, after the bladder.