The Slovenian referendum on equalization of heterosexual heterosexual couples rights on Sunday to 16 hours voted 428.000, or 25 percent of registered voters, the State Election Commission announced.

Bureau locations are closed at 19 hours, and full results will be released Sunday late evening.

The bad response to the referendum says that the new law on Marriage and Family Relations introducing the right of lesbian and homosexual partners to marry and adopting children will come into force as its opponents, conservative parties and civilian associations close to the Catholic Church will not gather enough votes to refuse the decision of the parliament by which the law was adopted.

According to new referendum rules that were revised two years ago, the bill proposed by the government and ratified by the parliament could be called off if a minimum of 40 of voters comes out on a referendum and most of them vote against it.

The old rules made it possible to reject the law already adopted in the referendum by ordinary majority, regardless of the number of votes against and the total number of voters who responded to the referendum.