Technical Museum of Nikola Tesla for its 61. a birthday celebrating this Sunday gave visitors free tour of the permanent exhibition and current exhibitions.

The museum is also marked by the end of an exceptionally active year in which it is renamed in honor greatsthe science of Nikola Tesla and in which, doseC Records around 170 thousand visitors.

Visitors are guided through the stalni postav, The mines, the Nikola Tesla cabinet and the planetarium, and can be seen and the current museum exhibitionbis - "Alphabet of money"I"Countless faces of the periodic system of elements"

The "Alphabet of Money" is an interactive exhibition that this year is small in the Technical Museum with the largest number of visitors - more than 10 thousand.

Through the game, in a simple and interactive way, the exhibition speaks of money history, its function as a means of exchange, production and distribution, values, different types of trade, poverty, and savings.

Kids can learn how to wash gold, pay off the loan, what happened to the greedy King Midi, how to shape the price of a product, what stocks are, and what a just trade.

The exhibition was created in cooperation with Yesterdaythe ZOOM museum in Vienna and the Children's Museum Frida & freD from Graz.

The Technical Museum opened the door for exposedZBU "Countless faces of the periodic system of elements"Nenada Raosa.

divided in three thematic units, he talks about Russian chemist Mendeleyev and his work, providedDJingu joundiscovered chemical elements do it yourself predecessors of the periodic system while it is threethe part dedicated the history of the discovery of chemical elements.

A special attraction is the original display of the periodic system large dimension, thenteractive installation which slualso as a props in the quiz "Do we know the periodic system?"

Based on Zan octave eDizionario Italianoog kemithe charm of John Newland, according to which each chemical formula i chemical reaction can write music, the exhibition brings the song "threesecuritization", Which is aboutis a reaction to the body and the liver after the plan - ooxidation of the alcohol (ethanol) to ethanol and then to the acetic acid.

The celebration program started in the morning vožnjom museum exhibit - old Zagrebby tram from 1926. years.

Although Mrthe idea of ​​the birth of Zagrebof the Technical Museum appeared yet at the end of 19. centuryCA, it was founded 21. December 1954. and open to the public only 1963. years.