The Student's Choir of the University of Zagreb on Monday reported that it did not support the proposed correction of student accommodation prices made by the Student Center because they consider that decisions directly affecting the student standard should not be made without prior notice or without any simulation and maintenance cost analysis.

Although they expressed satisfaction with the renovation of the "Stjepan Radić" and "Cvjetno naselje" homes financed by the EU funds, students from the House of Commons noted that the students from the homes were not familiar with the price correction and warned that the corrections did not apply only to reconstructed objects all accommodation capacity under the responsibility of the Student Center.

In addition, they add, corrections are proposed in the middle of the academic year, at a time when students are not at colleges but use a deserved vacation with their families.

By anticipating the increase, the Student Center would annually spend even 18,5 million kuna more than in the past years.

In this way, the Student Center has far exceeded the rental price per square in relation to private renters. This is corroborated by the example where 1-4, 7 and 9-11 pavilions in the Stjepan Radić (size 1200-11 and 12-3.400 pavilions), XNUMX square, two students and MZOS total monthly XNUMX and XNUMX. and XNUMX. a pavilion where two double rooms share a bathroom and toilet, the accommodation for four students is XNUMX kuna, according to a statement by the Student Choir.

They point out that the debts of the Student Center of the University of Zagreb, as well as their irrational business, may not be the reason for the flat rate hike that poses a direct impact on the student standard in Croatia.

"Are we asking for such a price increase if the Student Center is successfully remedied and the business is rationalized? Of course, the reasons for the price increase fall into the water and when we take into account the positive effects of the renovation of the homes, ie the reduction of the running costs and the costs of their maintenance, "they state.

They recall the Presidency of the Student Choir with the 10 session. In December, he sent a letter to Rehabilitation Manager Peji Pavlović, Assistant Manager for Accommodation Ružica Rajsic, and informed him of the Minister of Education, Science and Sports Vedran Mornar asking him to find a cost of accommodation for 2012, 2013, and 2014., a calculation of the share of the joint costs per student district and projection of income and expenses for accommodation costs in 2016. The answer, they say, did not get, but Friday, 18. In December, they received a new proposal that, he said, was only softened in relation to the first, but still without any specific figures.

The Student Choir also notes that for their decision to refrain from correcting the prices without any established calculations, their presidency has the support of the rector of the University of Zagreb Damir Boras, the university student advisor Matija Kikelj and the assembly and all the home committees.