Croatian films in the world, foreign films in Croatia - could be described briefly in the domestic cinematography that has been successful in the international festival scene, while Croatia has positioned itself as one of the most desirable record producers for foreign productions.

Almost seventy international festivals featured 96 of Croatian films - every few days during the past year there was news of their participation or winning prizes - about forty.

The feature-length feature film "Zvizdan" by Dalibor Matanic had the world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, where he received the jury prize in the "Un Certain Regard" program.

The 42.815 viewer Matanić's film was the most watched in the domestic cinemas, and he participated in more than forty festivals, winning nineteen prizes, nominees for the European Film Academy Award, the LUX European Parliament Award, the Satellite Prize, and was also a Croatian Oscar representative.

For the main role in "Zvizdan", Tihana Lazovic was among the ten most promising European actors in the Shooting Stars program, as well as on the list of movie critics of the French portal Le Passeur Critique.

Festival achievements have produced both feature and short films. Bellavista's filmmaker Dubravka Turić was proclaimed the best short film of the Horizonti Film Festival in Venice, and soon he is expected to participate in the short film Sundance Film Festival, one of the most important independent film festivals in the world.

The end of the year brought another good news - "Picnic" by Jure Pavlović won the European Film Award for Best Short Film, and in the first months of the New Year he will be taking part in the biggest short film film festival in Clermont-Ferrand.

New films on the international festival scene were active and feature-length novelist Ivona Juke, "You wear me", which is shown at festivals in Karlovy Vary, Sarajevo, Luxembourg, Torun.

Jukin's film is the third home-made title in theaters - he had more than eight thousand viewers, which is about 1500 less than the 'second-placed', "The Life of the Trumpet" by Antonia Nuić, whose distribution has not yet ended.

By the end of this year, there were 24 of Croatian films and minority co-productions, and in the cinemas they viewed about 80 thousands of people.

The opportunity for a good start has also been given the new feature film Zrinka Ogreste, "On the one hand", which was included in the Berlin Film Festival, in the "Panorama" program, which gives space to powerful authoring tools.

Successful festivals continue with the previously filmed films, documentaries, animated works and minor co-productions. Only in the next few months fifteen Croatian films will be screened at festivals all over the world, from Palm Spring to Perth.

The Croatian audience has not been fooled by the award-winning, non-world movies, with numerous film festivals being held - during the year, sixty were held and a new one was announced this year - Croatian Association of Friends of Arabia announced the first edition of the Arab Film Festival in Zagreb.

Croatia has strengthened its position on the European incentive map

Croatia has also strengthened its position on the European map of incentives for investments in the production of audiovisual works, endorsing the country in which foreign producers want to record, and encouraged by the return of twenty percent of the funds invested.

This year, ten projects were announced for the right to incentive measures, two television series, two television movie sequels and six feature films.

According to the Croatian Audiovisual Center data for 492 recording days in Croatia, ten projects spent almost 167 million on Croatian products and services, totaling about 32 million kuna.

For their projects, Croatia selected the American television series "Iskopina" of the NBC / Universal production company, the Indian feature film "Fans", featuring the famous Bolivian actor Shahrukh Khan, the Belgian "Uzvodno rijeke", the French "Lake" produced by Luca Besson, French biographical "Odyssey" film about Jacques Cousteau, German "Trilogy about Winnetou", German TV film about Detective Branki Marić, and Dutch-Croatian children's film "When my dad turned into a bush", German TV series "Crime Limits", Swiss-Croatian , animated-documentary film "Chris the Swiss" - Swiss director Anja Kofmel.

Over the past three years, since Croatia has been providing financial incentives for film and TV productions, the trend of local consumption growth has been recorded - in this period, an investment of about 42 million million generated a total revenue of about 332 million.

The Cinema Network is all over Croatia

This year, the Kino Network - an Independent Cinema Producer Association - was active, organizing film programs revitalizing the cinema throughout Croatia, pointing to the value of watching film art on a large screen.

In addition to better communication and exchange of experience between members of the 37 Cinema in 27 cities, the Cinema Network enables greater visibility of renewed and digitized cinemas that strive to survive, for small filmmakers, in adverse times, in areas where cinemas are one of the few remaining cultural institutions.

One of the Networks projects was "In Cinema Better!", Which, in conjunction with HAVC, started decentralizing the premiere of domestic titles and attracting viewers to the cinema.

For this purpose, for the last months, the preliminary screenings of "Zvizdana" and the solemn projections of the film "Life of the trumpet" have been organized by the members of the film crew.

In the same way it is planned to promote the films "People's Hero Ljiljan Vidić" directed by Ivana-Goran Vitez, who starts playing at Silvestrovo, and "ZG80" by Igor Šeregija, whose distribution is expected in spring.

The Cinema Network has also organized a "Women's Weekend" on the occasion of the Women's Day, "Family Filming" on the occasion of the World Family Day, the Marathon Short Films, the "shortest day of the year", and the special programs of Animafest and the French Festival in Croatia. At the end of September, organized the first Film Fair.