The abolition crisis and associated blocking of borders in Europe, the struggle against the Islamic State, and the Syrian crisis will probably dominate the world in the next year, but the main event on the international political stage will undoubtedly be the US presidential election in November.

Over the years, especially in Europe, was marked by a refugee crisis that reached the heart of Europe through the Balkans. European countries are still looking for ways to deal with this problem, for which analysts estimate they will continue in 2016.
Because of the crisis, there is a large trial of the Shengen zone. Some countries have restarted controls, some, such as Denmark, likely to do next year. In order to preserve Europe without borders, the European Commission has presented proposals for strengthening external border controls, and the EU will seek a consensus at the beginning of 2016.
The war in Syria lasts from 2011. and in the autumn of this year, the international community strengthened its efforts to resolve this crisis, although the consensus of the main players, the United States and Russia, on the fate of Bashar al-Asad still does not perceive.
Fighting the so-called Islamic state, which controls parts of Syria and Iraq, will continue to be mainly air strikes in the next year.
The main event of the year will undoubtedly be presidential elections in the United States. It is quite possible that in November, after the first black president, Americans will choose the first president, Hillary Clinton.
In 2016. the new UN secretary-general will also be elected, which will be the first day of 2017. take over from Ban Ki-moon. Among the candidates are Croatian Foreign Minister Vesna Pusić.
In January, the Netherlands will take over the presidency of the European Union and will enter into force an agreement on free trade between the EU and Ukraine. The Americans will focus on the latest speech about the state of Obama's Barack Obama and the thirtieth anniversary of the Spacecraft Challenger's explosion.
In February Pope Francis will visit Mexico, and in Bolivia there will be a referendum on whether Evo Morales will continue to rule and through a constitutional term of two mandates. They are going to Iranian parliamentary elections, and Americans choose the Oscar winners.
In the third month, the Slovaks go to parliamentary elections, the 70 is celebrated. the anniversary of the word of Winston Chruchilla to overcome the "Iron Curse" over Europe, and in Serbia, perhaps, one might mark the tenth anniversary of Slobodan Milosevic's death.
In April the president will elect the Austrians, and a new parliamentary assembly called Irci. There will also be 30 years from the nuclear accident in Chernobyl.
In May it has been half a century since the Chinese Cultural Revolution and a meeting at the top of the G7 group in Japan.
Slovaks will assume the EU Presidency 1. July, NATO summit will be a few days later in Poland, Republicans will elect their presidential candidate at the Cleveland convention, and the Democrats in Philadelphia. Pope Franjo will be in Poland at the end of the month and will be on Cuba for ten years after Fidel Castro handed over to Brother Raúl.
In September, Mother Theresa will be proclaimed holy, the Russians will vote in parliamentary elections, and the Americans will recall the victims of 11. September at the fifteenth anniversary of the attack.
Montenegrins go to parliamentary elections in October, and Americans at the presidential in November. In the same month there will be a hundred anniversary of the death of Austro-Hungarian Emperor Francis Josip.