In the Kremlin Mathematical Olympics team competition, completed on Monday, young Croatian mathematicians won the first place and were awarded gold medals, Croatian team leaders reported.

The students from Croatia, as stated in the press release, were the first to compete in the 10 Central European countries - Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Croatia.

At the Olympics held for the ninth time, Croatia was represented by Domagoj Bradač (15th Gymnasium, Zagreb), Josip Kelava (Gymnasium Varaždin), Andrija Mandić (15th Gymnasium, Zagreb), Petar Nizić-Nikolac (15th Gymnasium, Zagreb) Patric Papac (Gymnasium of Dubrovnik), Leon Starešinić (XV. Gymnasium, Zagreb).

The students competed individually and teamly by solving tasks from algebra, combinatorial, geometry and numerical theory, and the team from Croatia achieved a remarkable score by solving exactly all eight tasks, thus achieving the maximum number of points.

In a single contest Domagoj Bradač won a gold medal, Leon Starešinić and Petar Nizić-Nikolac won silver and Andrija Mandić bronze medal.