For about a half of electronic mail, Hillary Clinton from time to time serving as state secretary, more than 4000 published on Monday night, was found to contain sensitive information, US diplomacy reported.

In controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton's presidency for 2016, the State Department released a new set of emails (4368 mails, or around 7000 pages) on its website Monday, which it sent, received, or forwarded from a private address and server while a democratic candidate for the White House was headed by the Foreign Ministry (2009.-2013.).

The State Department has been reviewing, classifying and publishing at the juncture every month, hundreds and thousands of more than 30.000's official electronic message from its former leader.

The ministry had acknowledged that fifty mails had to be included among the "confidential", which is the lowest level in strict regulations that apply to internal and external communications and exchange of US administration information.

Of some 7000 pages released Monday night, "I think there are almost 150" pages - or about a hundred additional mails - which were subsequently "raised to a higher level of confidentiality," admitted State Department spokesman Mark Toner, responding to a journalist question at his press conference .

For this post of postal check, Hillary Clinton is in charge of the chief intelligence inspector. The State Department on Monday reported that it has so far "25 percent" the official transcript of the former state secretary to be announced.

The judiciary has determined that all transcripts must be published by January 2016, not a year before the presidential elections.

At the time of his mandate, Secretary Clinton sent, received and forwarded 62.320 electronic messages from his private ( and not governmental ( as required by the regulations and as his advisers did.

Her main rivals in the presidential race, Donald Trump, said Clinton had "lost reputation" after this affair.