Pope Francis will continue the reform program in the Vatican, from the celebration of the Year of Mercy, through the trip to Mexico and Poland, to the excitement of the family who is eagerly awaiting the quest for the first three years of his Pontiff.

The priest's official schedule already reveals that Jorge Bergoglio, who filled 79 years in December and is showing signs of fatigue, will not slow down the rhythm.

The Pope will have to visit Mexico in February, the second largest Latin American country, where he will visit places related to various problems: with native peoples, drug smuggling and immigration to the United States.

In July, a visit to the south of Poland, Krakow, where the World Youth Day will be held. On that occasion, a former Nazi camp in Auschwitz will visit.

No other trips are excluded. It is mentioned, but this information has not yet been confirmed, two countries, Kosovo and Armenia, where the Pope could pay homage to the Armenian people who were the victims of genocide 1915.-1916. at the time of the Ottoman Empire.

Bergoglio canceled several trips in Italy due to a large number of obligations. The Roman synagogue should visit 17. January.

Moreover, the Pope continues to reform the Curia, the Vatican government, which is a long-lasting job that faces resistance and raises concern.

"The Curia Reform continues with determination, lucidity and courage," the Pope warned in the 21 Christmas message. December, in a cold atmosphere, in front of cardinals and bishops working in the Vatican.

The great work that the Father is expecting is the establishment of two ministries: for secular, family and life, and for justice, peace and migration. The reform of Vatican media needs to continue, and that, particularly sensitive reform of economic bodies, needs to be deepened.

Believers are eagerly awaiting the Apostle Pope's family exhortation, a set of recommendations to be announced by the Pope in February after two consecutive synods on that topic, held in October 2014. and in October 2015. This is a sensitive document in which the Pope must show wisdom in order to overcome the risk of breaks, but at the same time must respond to certain expectations.

Year of Mercy or the Holy Year, which began with 8. December and ends with 20. November 2016., will be very crowded. Along with Sunday's angels and general audience on Wednesdays at St. Peter's Square, the Pope will introduce a new audience on Saturdays, which will be held once a month.

Finally, 2016. will be the year of the award in the court case known as Vatileaks 2, in which five people - including two Italian journalists - are suing for the release of confidential documents about the financial irregularities of the Vatican State.