Hungary closed the Keleti station on Tuesday, where hundreds of refugees are waiting to board some of the trains that drive to Western European countries, the state railway company MAV announced, adding that no further arrivals or departures are anticipated.

More than 100 refugees, mostly from the Middle East countries, are at the station. The police blocked the main entrance to the station and ordered people to leave the platform, the Hungarian news agency MTI announced.

Three thousand sixty and fifty refugees who traveled from Budapest on Monday arrived in Vienna, which is a record this year in a single day, the Austrian police said on Tuesday.

Hungarian authorities approved the departure of refugees by train on Monday, although many of them did not have a visa. "We are now checking out how many asylum seekers are looking for," AFP spokesman Patrick Maierhofer told AFP.

The Hungarian authorities did not allow the departure of those refugees who spent days in improvised camps at the Budapest railway stations, but eventually decided to let them go.

He spent a large number of them on Tuesday at Westbahnhof, Vienna, hoping to be able to continue his journey to Germany, which last week relaxed the conditions for approving refugee status for Syrians fleeing from the homeland.

Other refugees, mostly without visas, boarded on Monday in Salzburg, Austria, and some traveled to Muenchen, south of Germany.

This train from Budapest with fourty-seven refugees arrived in Bavaria on Monday night.