Former first world tennis player and double winner US Opena Spaniard Rafael Nadal returned to Bornikic for last year's defeat at the Basel tournament and in 1. the tournament of the last Grand Slam tournament season with 6-3, 6-2, 4-6, 6-4.

With respect to the Swiss match, when Nadal had health problems and was before the operation of the bowel, New York showed how dangerous he can still be when he is ready. The best tennis player in the teenage years provided him with a solid resistance, but on the road of a possible turn he stopped the lost service in the seventh gem of the second set.

In the first set, Ćorić controlled the situation on the field until 3-3, to keep the next three gems without a single point and thus lose the set. In the second set, Nadal headed for the 5-1 lead and nothing could stop him on the way to the 2-0 lead in the sets.

"I think I played great. In the first two sets I played tennis at a very high level. After that I got tired. I've been sweating enough, "said US Opena 2010. and 2013. year, who had to miss the last year's tournament due to injury.

"Back here was a very happy moment for me. Last year I was very difficult because I had to skip one of my favorite tournaments. "

In the third set, Ćorić finally managed to break Nadal's excellent service, which was constant throughout the match (72% of the first-ever hit with 88% realization). He did it in the second leg, but he lost the advantage in the next. However, with a break in the ninth goalie, the Croatian national team managed to win the fourth set. Unfortunately, he once again had no chance of endangering Nadal's initial kick, and lost one of his lost services after two hours and 47 minutes of battle.

"He is a great player and ahead of him is a great future," Nadal said for his 18-year-old rival, who with this defeat will not lose much points since he was defeated last year at 2. the US Open, so it will not even matter to the ATP rankings. Despite the defeat and Corić could be satisfied with his performance, because a few who managed to overcome Nadal in this release.

"For the first time in my life I played in such a big field. I played a solid match and that is good, "said the former junior winner of the US Open, aware that he might still miss Nadal to the fifth set.

In the last three appearances at the Flushing Meadows, the Spaniard was twice the winner and one defeated in the final (2011.). What his current odds are yet to be seen, but if the first two sets played against Corić are some indication, then Nadal is ready for an equal fight with the best. His next opponent was Argentinian Diego Schwartzman.