First Virtual Women's Entrepreneurial Center, a unique business venture in this part of Europe and start up, started with the work of January 2016. years.
The Center is a digital platform for promoting and improving entrepreneurial business activities, with the aim of fostering the exchange of knowledge, technology and innovation, encouraging women to engage in greater entrepreneurial engagement in the Croatian economy, and facilitating investment in education and learning in the entrepreneurial sector.

This is the realization of the wishes and activities of many entrepreneurs to provide a roof platform that will improve the labor market situation and capital in favor of women entrepreneurs. The fact is: although growing, women's entrepreneurship has not received any more serious recognition for its size in the Croatian economy and progress until today. Relevant institutions overlook this gender division, and women are often forgotten not only at the beginning but also on the upward path of development and realization of business ideas.

Because of this apparent neglect of women entrepreneurs, the idea of ​​launching the Virtual Women's Entrepreneurial Center was born, which has come to the warm welcome of entrepreneurs all over Croatia. In addition to the start of the Virtual Women's Entrepreneurial Center, we will organize the first congress of self-employed women entrepreneurs 08. March 2016. gu Zagreb. Croatian entrepreneurs are the growing, more efficient, developmental force of the Croatian economy, which deserves more attention and support than the present - said Sanela Dropulić, head of the Virtual Women's Entrepreneurial Center.
Women's entrepreneurship has no tradition in the domestic economy, and all relevant strategies have not yielded any significant results.

The analysis of data collected in the Registry of Annual Financial Reports according to the ownership structure of the companies according to the gender criterion suggests that women entrepreneurship is a newer date and that women are more and more involved in business in recent times. Previous figures show that this area still accounts for most of the male population - analyzes are the Fine share of women in entrepreneurship of the last decade of the Croatian economy.
At the edge of the media, institutions, and even those closely related to women's entrepreneurship, women have been hunting their place in the Croatian economy of 2010. years.
In the observed period, a part of a woman's entrepreneur, ie a company owner, a craft or a freelance occupation, is generally moving from 17,3% to 2010. year to 19,6% in 2013. year - data is Fine.
Women in Croatian society are considerably better off than men in Croatia, but they are deprived of the possibility of institutional support, financing, opening up business opportunities in the market, primarily because of the lack of support and understanding in the family for women entrepreneurship.
The Virtual Women Entrepreneurial Center will do its utmost to change this neglect, and self-employed entrepreneurs receive the attention they deserve in the Croatian society.