Crvena zvezda Telekom
Crvena zvezda Telekom

In 18. ABA League Cedevita won the Red Star Telecom with 80: 79 in Pionero and so entered 11 in the aforementioned competition. victory in a row. It was a real derby. Two Euroligaes have shown what the regional league is offering at the moment. The first quarter ended with 22: 16 finished Cedevita, and after the half-time was completed with three points difference in favor of the host, Zvezda was significantly separated in the third quarter and in the last 10 minutes he entered with 63: 52.

However, Cedevita turned into a fantastic finish, and the key man was Jacob Pullen, who had 15 of his 24 total score in the last quarter. Along with him already played a key role played by Miro Bilan with 19 points and three rebounds. He had problems with personal mistakes, in the third quarter he got technical because he lost his nerves for a moment, and Zvezda used what Maik Zirbes and Vladimir Štimac were physically much stronger than Luke Žorić and Karla Žganec. However, at a time when Zvezda had a 10 score of seven and a half minutes to the end of the game, Veljko Mršić coach had no choice. He brought Bilan with four of his personalities and he scored eight points in the remaining time.

Bilan was also the one on 1: 40 min. until the end he assisted Pullen for trice and Cedevitino's minimum lead 74: 73. On the other side, Marko Gudurić responded to this with the trice, and then Bilan took out a "secret weapon". At 73 seconds to finish captain Cedevita scored the trice, his first in the ABA league this season and the second overall in this season (he has already put Euroliga into one).

Gudurić then failed to score another trick on the other side, and Pullen hit 79 at the entry point: 76 in favor of Cedevita and hosts at 36 seconds to end the timeout.

After that, Gudurić equalized to 22 seconds. Pullen went on an attack, and Zvezda initially did not commit an offense, but for five seconds to the end of Cedevita's American foul was Stefan Jovic. It was a very bad move for the city, because Pullen got two free throws, and the Belgians no longer had timeouts.

Pullen then hit first and missed another throw, and Tarence Kinsey failed to hit the other side.

"This is an important victory. We have continued a series of excellent results in the ABA league, but the game can and should be even better and more constant. We can do a lot of work on it. After our first quarter played well, Zvezda controlled the game until the last six to seven minutes of the match. However, as many times so far, we have shown that we have a character. The guys played a very good final and defensive and attacking and in the end we deserved to win, "said proud Cedevita coach Veljko Mršić.

The City's strategist wants Cedevita to look even better: "I would love to be a lot faster and play at a faster pace. Still this is not the level at which they should be, but in the finish line where Pullen, White, Babic and Bilan hit important shots, defensively they all reacted well. We've also checked and jumped, no matter what we were with four outside players when White on the 4th position played the last six to seven minutes. Similar to the matches in Istanbul and Milan and we have turned this into our benefit. "

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Text: KK Cedevita
Photo: Crvena zvezda Telekom