A laughter studio invites you to start laughs and performances for the year.

THURSDAY 07.01. in 20.30h "BEST OF 2015." Vol1

At the first show in 2016, before we start with new texts, let's remember the 2015 news.

Performances include Tin Sedlar, Tihomir Paravina, Miranda Loncar and Tomislav Primorac.
The manager of the evening is Marina Orsag.

Upad 40kn

FRIDAY 08.01. u 20.30h "EVA IS NOT ADAM"

In the contemporary drama "Eve is not Adam", we meet three modern young people who live together and everyone wants something, immediately, the same moment, without thinking, regardless of the price, regardless of the consequences. Helena, who has a successful career as a child, wants a child; Onyx, the director of the international bank wants to keep up with Hannah, and an unemployed photographer Peter dreams about his career worldwide. How do you fulfill all your wishes, without excluding anybody else's freedom? Is Love Affordable? Is all that simple?

For some, so do not despise anything: moral, immoral offers, provocation, and walk on the "edge".
How will everything eventually be resolved and will everyone get what they want ...?
It's still to be seen in the show "Eve is not Adam", because every good story has an unsolved turn in the end!
(criticism that came out at Kulisa.eu)
In front of the City Theater "Joza Ivakić" from Vinkovci perform:
Katarina Baban, Sanja Drakulić and Vladimir Andrić.
Director of the play: Ivan Kristijan Majić.

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SATURDAY 09.01. in 20.30h "Bosanska večer" Thematic stand up

After the sold-out Herzegovinian times it is also for the Bosnian evening.


Hazim Mujčinović
The phrase "Nice as an actor" in Hazim's case does not have to mean, actually does not matter at all. She is not nice, neither popular, nor knows how to play. The greatest media success was initiated in the daily newspaper after playing the main role in the theater show. Why is that so? You get to know the performance.

Filip Andronik
Filip Andronik is here to play as a Bosnian-Herzegovinian professional stripper. He's drawing strips. Though he is successful in this business, he admits that the drawing has become corrupt when it comes to women. To say that Philip lost his girlfriend as a burek in the universe, he would have undergone the situation.

Navid Bulbulija
If Miljenko Jergović and Zach Galifianakis had a child, it would look like Navid Bulbulija. Navid says it's not true that there is no business. He has who he wants to do. Now if you want to pay - then there is no.
Upad 40kn

SUNDAY 10.01. in 20.30h "TEN" Marina Orsag Comedy show

Still, we persuaded Marin to once again complete the 11 years of work on the world-wide laugh of 10.01. and created for a tenth, make another show that has so far smiled thousands and thousands of people.

Do not miss!

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Reservations are valid until 19,30h on the day of play. If you cancel please do so until 18 hours.

Reservations can be made to a precious 01 5588 980 landline or a modern mobile device 095 5103 129 or via our future connection at ulaznice@studiosmijeha.hr.