Laboratories for the cultivation of marijuana found in the basement of a rented house in Vukovar employees of the Drugs Crime Department of Vukovar-Srijem police, it was announced on Tuesday at a press conference.

Last weekend, based on a court order, Vukovar police officers in the house used by DM (32) from Vinkovci found a 71 marijuana plant and a complete laboratory with accessories for the cultivation, measurement and packaging of this drug and filed a complaint against it for the criminal offense of unauthorized production traffic to drugs.

"A criminal investigation found that a DM house in Vukovar was hired in March this year, after which he invested about 30.000 in the basement in the marijuana laboratory," Goran Lovrić, head of the Drug Crime Department, told the press conference.

The laboratory contained a lighting and ventilation system, a heating system, a temperature and humidity control, and a timer switch to operate in the absence of the suspect, and a digital acidity measuring instrument, a larger amount of fertilizer, and a manuscript with marijuana data were found.

"One joint joint, five grams of marijuana in PVC packaging, 71 marijuana seedlings of about 130 centimeters, 49 marijuana seeds, 2,42 kilograms of marijuana worth around 40.000, 14 grams of amphetamine, 3680 kuna and 1510 Serbian dinar" Lovric added, adding about 20 kilograms of marijuana from the cultivated stems, whose value is on the street around the 300.000 kuna.

According to the police report, marijuana is of high quality, and seeds are most likely procured in the Netherlands.

The police discovered the lab as DM in Vinkovci was stopped and legitimate, whereby the police officer voluntarily handed the joint and the PVC bag of five grams of marijuana. After receiving a warrant for a rented house in Vukovar, police found the laboratory in the cellar, said at a press conference of the Vukovar-Srijem Police Administration.

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