When he made the decision to hold parliamentary elections in October or November, Zoran Milanovic probably did not even think about Milan Bandić, but Bandic probably probably saved his political career again.

Because nobody replies that the elections are as early as Milan Bandic. The strongest electoral campaign that Bandic can withdraw to play will begin next week. Then all the Zagreb high school students will be at the benches, but for the first time and all of Zagreb's high school students will get free textbooks.

The first is about sixty thousand, and others around 40 thousands. No matter what Sandra Švaljek is right when he says that free textbooks do not exist and how these books are paid with the money of Zagreb priests, in the eyes of parents of 100 thousand children Milan Bandic will give them free textbooks.

And those who do not have children in the schools because of it will be nothing bigger or smaller. It may not be necessary to build or launch some capital projects that would be more cost-effective for all citizens in the long run, as Sandra Švaljek also warned well, but only some economists see it, see and understand it.

Books for which they did not have to allocate thousands of dollars will see more than a hundred thousand parents. And they'll see them right away. How much Sandra Svaljek is a good economist, so much Milan Bandic is even better politician.

Which also very well knows how voter is and a very short memory. As these books in the hands of their children are newer, they have a greater chance of gaining their voices.

And parents who do not live in Zagreb offer how they will, if they vote for his party, be on the children's tables next year.

Small voters understand macroeconomics, but the gifts are very well understood. And it is not too important for them who ultimately pays them.
And a recent acquisition at the Vukovar City Council where his new vocabulary became a taboo on the balance sheet that decides on the majority there shows unambiguously that Bandic will not be limited to these four constituencies, including parts of Zagreb, in these elections.

But this year's election to Bandic does not only increase the chance to send several of its MPs to the Parliament. They practically secure the peaceful completion of the mandate as the mayor of Zagreb.

Because it is difficult for SDP and HDZ to give up its budget for 2016. year and go to new local elections just a few months after heavy, expensive and exhausting parliamentary elections.

Even if they had such wishes, Bandic could become in the state what had already become in Vukovar. Lying on the stack. It is difficult to become prime minister as he has announced, but it is now easy for him to become the one who will decide on the future prime minister of Croatia.

Perhaps we were wrong in the first sentence of this text when we wrote that Zoran Milanovic decided to hold the elections as he did not think about Milan Bandic.

Perhaps, besides himself, he also thought of it. Maybe Zoran Milanovic expects Bandic to take the voices of HDZ as he has recently kidnapped Vukovar. But then to apply her parliamentary mandates to him.

The two did not love them before, so they supported each other. Milanovic Milanovic for the prime minister and Milanovic Bandic for the mayor.

As politics decides not on love but interests, there are not too many reasons to not do it again. There are heavy words among them, but emotions go through, and the mandates remain. Maybe their voters are disappointed, but if they combine these two, it is their belief that voters briefly remember.

Their hands on the heart do not have too many reasons to think differently.