Slovenian forecasters announce Monday heavy rainfall and rising river water, and the population in the Kupa river valley fears additional and potential damages that can be caused by the Kupa's rise if it takes with it and the wire yarn that the Slovenian government has set for its refuge near its left bank .

According to the announcements of the State Environmental Agency, on Monday, most of the country could drop 40 to 100 liters per square meter and locally and more, while rivers and smaller watercourses will begin to grow rapidly on Monday evening with flooding potential.
Nataša Letig Žagar from the tourist community of Kostel, the smallest Slovenian municipality on the border with Croatia, told the "Žurnal" portal that the Cup could suddenly grow up to five meters in the event of severe sprays, and in that case the trunks and branches of trees in the swollen trough would be taken away with you a deadly barbed wire.
This is not a technical obstacle at the border as the government interprets rather than a deadly trap, the tourist said.
The same portal states that Kupa along the villages of Kot and Sodevci had already left the basin and with it had taken part of the wire, and from the very beginning of its installation, fearing additional damage and injured, warned ecologists, protectors of nature and tourist workers from the regions of Slovenia the other side of the Kupe, who spend a good part of the summer living in restaurants, eco-tourism, boat rafting and kayak rentals, and campgrounds and bathing resorts in the valley of the border river.

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