After 2012. When his concert was asked for more tickets, the best-selling crossover pianist in the world returns to Zagreb

The concert of one of the world's best pianists and his band will be held in 16. February 2016. starting at 20 lessons in the large hall of KD Vatroslav Lisinski. As always so far, the audience can again expect a top performance and invaluable experience, becoming part of the unique music story of Maksim Mrvica. His concerts and performances always bring extra energy, and his crossover performances leave breathless, combining the best of his rich musical opus.

In fact, nothing is less and can not be expected of musicians whose albums have been sold in more than 4 million copies in even the 57 countries around the world. The most popular in the world, Maksim Mrvica confirms his stardom for every new concert, and his longtime break in Zagreb is the best invitation to all those who like music and a great opportunity to be among the last to complete the great promotional tour of his new album, Croatian Rhapsody so far seen through 70.000 people.

With invaluable musical skills and the beauty of playing, it is interesting to note that Maksima Mrvica's performance, Flight of the Bumblebee, with incredible 16 notes per second, is one of the fastest fingers of the world, and the whole performance is off for incredibly fast 56 seconds which is the fastest in the world odsjavano do sada. Thanks to his unique musical skill Maksim Mrvica, he has sold out concerts in 2015. He also became the ambassador of two world renowned Yamaha and Staralliance ambassadors, which is merely confirmation of his values ​​and great musical abilities.

So, if you do not want to miss Max Maksimir's performance and maybe wait four years for the performance of this music virtuoso, buy your tickets to KD Vatroslav Lisinski or at because the world's fastest pianists are ready to introduce you into a magical musical story.