MONDAY 11.01. in the 20.30h Open-Time Microphone "I HATE MONDAYS" qualification

We opened the year with the best fora and the best of the evening, but it was time to get a little nervous and start again with the Open Mic qualifications! 🙂

The evening of the open microphone or briefly open-mother is an opportunity for everyone to at least become a stand-up comedian. All you need is 7 minutes of your stand-up material and a bit of bravery.

- length of show: 7 MINUTES
- jokes, other materials, recounting strange forums, excessively vulgar and abusive material without wit ness NOT ALLOWED
- The performance must be formatted in stand up comedy form. We understand that there is a bunch of you who make a good beard, agree with the rhythm or write stories, but only when it's up to a stand-up show you can play an open microphone
- Open Mic applications begin every Monday in 19: 30 hours and are done with the leader. You can also sign up via the Facebook Smile Study page.
- The applications stop at 20: 20 hours and the program moves to 20: 30 hours with the competitors so far reported
- login after the start of the Open mic NEMA
- the schedule of comedians appearing at Openmike is determined on the spot by drawing

Upad 10kn with welcome welcome brand.

WEDNESDAY 13.01. in 20.30h BLACK WEDNESDAY Theme Stand Up Show - Black Humor Evening

If you've ever hated yourself for having a BLOOD MOISTURE, this is a real evening for you because you will see that you are not the only one! Stand up comedy evening with only mules and humor that will not leave you indifferent. That is why we invited you the oldest comedians to perform their most brutal fore.

Performances include Marina Orsag, Saša Turković, Josip Škiljo, Marko Dejanović and Joža Vrban.
Upad 40kn.

THURSDAY 13.01. in 20.30h "BEST OF 2015." Vol2

Our everyday life in 2015. were marked by numerous interesting and dramatic events.

We got the first Croatian President, Ivan Sincic was often deported by policemen. Zagreb has become the most famous destination for the "campers" whose tent still stands in Savska, and the tents have set themselves along the boundary. Splinter strings have shaken our relations with the neighbors. Of the many arrests, Bandic and Mamic should be separated. In 2015. he returned and Ćaća.It is 2015. in 2016. we will cross over MOSTA.

How are you in 2015. Have fun with our comedians look at "Best of 2015" vol2.

Residents of Laos Study Residents Domagoj Pintarić, Saša Turković, Josip Škiljo, Zvonimir Mintas, Marina Orsag

and guests (young hope with 7 min text)

Upad 40kn

FRIDAY 15.01. in 20.30h "FEMME FRONTAL" Stand up show

The FEMME FRONTAL tour is the stand by the comedians Marine Orsag (HR), Mirande Lončar (BiH) and Jelena Radanović (SRB) who, after working together, during which they regularly listened to men's work it's not for them, they decided to join forces, take the microphone in their hands, and prove to everyone on this little tour that they can with their humor and more than match any of their colleagues. And when they come from different states of the former Yugoslavia, it will do little to the sensitization of inter-state relations.

Marina Orsag

Marina Orsag, the most sophisticated stand-up comedian in the Balkans, has over its 1700 performances in her ten-year career, in which she has been delighted by the audience and enjoying herself in every laugh of the audience, because feeling like smiling people is one of the most beautiful in the world . Except in all the countries of the former Yugoslavia, in February, 2010. He has performed at the oldest festival in Europe, Leicester festival in England, and in London where he delighted the English audience. Later he also appeared in Budapest, Amsterdam and Barcelona. AWARD AWARDS: Adria Comedy Awards - Najdobar ženski adria stand up comedian 2013, LENT Festival 2014 - first prize of audience.

With cinematic, ironic and simplifying facts, the audience brings to the ecstasy of laughter. It has a meter and a desire to grow. She was born a few days after the New Year. In the Capricorn Horoscope, in the oval note. Double horns give her no peace. She was never in the groin, her worms were constantly in her ass, so her gut saw her times. He hopes that he will be forever and will not lose the child in the soul, maturing each day more and more in the head.

Jelena Radanović

Jelena is a wonderful young lady who is preparing for a great save of the apartment starting by going to the cadastre to look for a plan because she does not see the walls of the haos. After joining the new apartment, he did not break the curse for months, arguing to his friends that this is actually an art performance that proves to be the slaves of a modern consumerism society and how we can live without a pile of things.

Yes, Jelena is familiar with professional terminology and she is not afraid of using it when she faces the reality of her abilities.

She was successfully enrolled in the ninth year of sociology although her mom thought she had graduated from Jelena two years ago. Jelena explains this with the time difference, because mom lives for an hour of driving from her. However, who knows what the distance from which you are reading this text, maybe Jelena really graduated.

Miranda Loncar

Miranda is self-sufficient: alone, constantly. A member (some and founder) of the extreme faction of the Herzegovina-based minority in Zagreb who fights against garbage locks in special rooms by haustors. Because nostalgia is enormous when there is no garbage for the drug.

Upad 40 kn

SATURDAY 16.01. in 20.30h "Drama Queen" Jelena Radanović One woman show

A widespread population known for being 11.03.2004. was in the Sremskeitrovačka Gimnazija school

The omnivorous animal is her worm of doubt. He reads heavy books and observes passers-by from close proximity. Those who have already been to her performances are known to have an opinion on all the topics, especially those who have no idea. Now is the time to show you what she knows in her woman show.

About her standup the beginning she said the following:

I stand up to 530 days ago, I had 86 official appearances, which means I play average on every 6, 16, or 4,9 times per month. At the faculty I had tens of statistics, but I do not like to praise it.

Asked what he expected from further standby, he looked distantly in the distance and replied: Borosane through the union.

Ufur 40kn.

Reservations for all shows are valid until 20h on the show. If you cancel please do so until 18 hours.

Reservations can be made to a precious 01 5588 980 landline or a modern mobile device 095 5103 129 or via our future connection at