On the first day of his extensive defense in the case of former Prime Minister Ivo Sanader's plan, he blamed the "conspiracy" of politics, state attorney's office and the media for his own criminal prosecution, especially emphasizing his successor Jadranka Kosor and former state attorney Mladen Bajić.

"I'm not a criminal and I'm not doing what I'm being charged with. I am proud of my two mandates led by the Croatian Government and the results we have achieved. From top-notch economic results to the reforms that we have accomplished, "Sanader said.

In the case of Planina Sanader was charged with having received 17 million kuna of "commissions" after the Ministry of Regional Development 2009. bought a building from the former HDZ parliamentary representative and owner of Stjepan Fiolić's shepherd who admitted that he had taken the money from the former prime minister in the box for honeys.

Sanader claims that this case, such as the affair of the Fimi media and Hypo and Ina-Mol, in which the judgments were superseded by the higher courts, was cut off at a meeting in the Government where, in January 2010, just before his expulsion from HDZ Honorary President, then Prime Minister met with Bajic.

At the meeting was also then Interior Minister Tomislav Karamarko, but Sanader was leaving the court building on a journalist question saying it was a "regular situation".

"It is normal for the prime minister to be all ministers and to meet in the morning, in the evenings and throughout the day. I have received them constantly, it is quite a regular situation whether some minister will be with the Prime Minister or not. But it is not a regular situation if a state attorney comes, who according to the Croatian Constitution is an independent and independent body, "Sanader said. He did not respond if the Interior Minister at that time said anything at that meeting.

He also called Šeksa with Kosor and Bajic

However, unlike the current HDZ chief, Sanader, as a person implicated in his persecution, directly summoned Vladimir Šeks, who, together with Jadranka Kosor, as former senior vice-president of the government, Damir Polancec, allegedly sought to charge Sanader.

Polančec did not, however, ultimately charge him, was sentenced in less important proceedings, while in the case of Ina-Mol, for which he was in the investigative jail for five months, he was "exhausted" from the indictment. "And no one in the Croatian public asked DORH why the Deputy Prime Minister was five months in prison, no one has told him. No one has themed because it was important that Sanader's pursuit goes further, "the former prime minister said in his extensive defense.

He also reiterated that Bajic once confirmed to a joint acquaintance with Split that he must persecute Sanader and that he therefore went to talk to the US embassy.

"Uskok pressured and intimidated witnesses"

He also claims that the repressive apparatus had "pressured witnesses" and used "other methods of intimidation" of him and his defense.

"In every case that is being brought against me in this County Court there is one man, the accused, the suspect, who admitted his allegation, and then under the pressure of the DORH, the responsibility was transferred to me. Whether I ordered him or that he gave me money, for which he did not offer any material proof. This happened in the case of Hypo and Ina-Mol with Robert Ježić, Fimi with Mladen Barišić, in case of Planinski with Fiolić and Hep Dioki with Ivan Mravka, "Sanader said.

He stated that in this case, Uskok and "in the investigation and the preparation of the indictment have committed an unlawful act, because the indictments can not be prepared for thefts and threats in the state."

He also said that Fiolić, before his detention, admitted that Bajić had "burned" him, although he insisted on his claim that he had built a house for his son by building money from the sale of the building. However, this statement, Sanader claims, has subsequently disappeared from the file.

"The Constitutional Court ruled that the Government's decisions should not be criminalized"

He also recalled that the Constitutional Court crushed the verdict in the case of Hypo and Ina-Mol concluded that the County Court should not criminalize the decisions of the Government. "Parallel with Planis is obvious. Why this was all happening - in the persecution that Uskok realized in the very core lies the political will, "Sanader said.

In the case, Planina said that he was "even more elegant" because he was not at all united at the Government when it was decided to buy a building in Planina. The ruling was put on the agenda by Deputy Prime Minister Kosor, who after voting and signing her, said Sanader, who in his defense spoke in detail about his two mantama led by the HDZ government and leaving politics.

In the political part of the defense he repeated that resignation in July 2009. he filed for not complying with the Slovenian territorial pretensions for which the neighboring state, as he said, blocked Croatia's accession negotiations. Heads of government and foreign parties then left Jadranka Kosor for whom he believed he would not give up, but she agreed to an agreement with Slovenia.

Sanader concluded that the fact that he was Prime Minister should not be a mitigating or abusive circumstance but that he should have the same treatment as other citizens. That is why, he added, he was grateful to the Constitutional Court because, in addition to the abolition of the verdict in Hypo and Ina-Mol, he stopped the prosecution's "extravagant Jacquette approach".

The defense will be on two more occasions

Sanader will, in accordance with the established schedule, defend the plan in the case of PlanNew yet 22. and 28. January, followed by the other accused.

In addition to Fiolić, who in spite of the confession of bribing the former prime minister with him, shares the accused's bench, all the allegations in this case were accused by former Minister Petar Cobankovic, and he was sentenced to work for the general good after the settlement with the prosecution.

Along with Sanader and Fiolić, Mladen Mlinarević remained on the accuser's bench, whose company, according to Uskok's claims, doubled the value of the real estate in Planina before the Cobankovic's ministry bought it.