The National Flood Defense Center estimates that Karalovac will not flood as last year despite the growth of the Kupe of over six meters in three days

"There is no indication that Karlovac could have a flood like last year, despite the growth of the Kupa over six meters in three days, and is not expected declaration of flood protection measures", Hina learned on Monday from the Croatian waters.

At two o'clock on Monday, Kupa water was 603 centimeters, as well as Koran, and besides the snowing on the shore of Kupa, rain fell. However, Biljana Željezjak, a defender of the defenses of the defended area of ​​the Kupa basin, said that on the forecasts of the Croatian waters water level will not exceed seven meters and the rivers will remain in their basket.

"Cup to its maximum should have on Tuesday between noon and 13 hours, and it should not exceed 700 centimeters or may exceed a centimeter over it, which means that for now there is no need to take any undertaking, not even to be convened Flood control staff, "Iron said.

The Karlovac rivers have grown up these days on the eve of the show - a cup of thirty cents per hour, but according to all available indicators, in the National Center for Flood Defense, Karlovac has no cause for concern, Iron said.

The last flood in Karlovac was in October last year and caused 55 million kuna damage. During 2014. and 2015. there were two other major floods, and the total damage to the three floods was 150 million in which, due to the methodology of estimating damages from elemental disadvantages, no damage was paid on the state-owned public enterprises.

The reason for this was extreme weather conditions, but the fact that the Karlovac flood control system was not completed, and the southeast parts of Karlovac with Kupu, Korana and Mrežnica were undone, and to complete the system between 350 and 400 million kuna.

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