Marina Dražancic's exhibition "Walk From Town to Soul and Back," with author's photographs from the cycle in which the role of light is being discussed, was opened on Tuesday at the ULUPUH Gallery.

"Starting from the basic setting of the photograph as a lighthouse, Marin Dražančić presented with this exhibition a cycle in which the percentage of light in the black and white graphics was examined," said art critic Branka Hlevnjak.

"The walk through the city becomes a contextual framework of questioning, exposing, aestheticizing and poetizing light phenomena. A series of simple situations, in relation to the motif, creates a fine combination of combinations and variations of visual structures of exciting and suggestive relationships, "she said in the preface to the catalog of the exhibition.

In her words, the interchangeable rhythm of the picture on the spectator provokes a whole range of suggestive moods, from the transience, alienation, and absence of every communication, to the resentment, loss and nostalgic desire of the awakened day.

Marin Dražančić (Varaždin, 1960.) Graduated from 1984. at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts. In the past thirty years he has worked as a photographer and filmmaker in film and video technique.

He has worked on a large number of feature and documentary films, music, educational and feature shows and advertising projects.

After photography and photography, he began to deal with art photography again.

The exhibition will be open until 29. January. The last day of the exhibition, when the Night of the Museum is held, the ULUPUH Gallery will work up to the 1 clock after midnight. The entrance to the exhibition is free.

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