About 4300 migrants, including many Syrian refugees, landed on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in Piraeus where Greek authorities from the island of Leposavlje were driven by them, seeking help from the European Union to face the influx, the port police said.

The enthusiasts, around 1800, unloaded on Tuesday night and 2500 on Wednesday morning, were sent to a nearby station, the same source said.

For most of them, it will only be a pause before continuing the hard journey towards northern Europe, especially the Balkans, which the EU faces with an unprecedented migration crisis.

The Greek authorities arranged this transfer on two specially equipped vessels to facilitate the situation on the island of Lezbos in the waters of the Aegean Sea. In recent months, the island has become one of the main inputs to Europe for refugees and migrants due to proximity to Turkey, the exodus point and the influx of migrants.

The Greek government does not cease to be able to face the flow of inflows, requiring a harmonized European response and more resources. (Hina)