Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said on Wednesday in Split he did not believe he would attend an extraordinary parliamentary session scheduled for 8. September, the Croatian Parliament will be dissolved in order to announce parliamentary elections.

"I am not the Speaker of Parliament, I am the President of one of the parties that make up the majority in Parliament and I do not believe that Parliament may be dissolved at an extraordinary session, that is my opinion," Milanovic said in response to the issue of an extraordinary session and media information that this could mean dissolving parliament and calling for elections.

The Parliament convened (extraordinary session) on our initiative to work on our proposals for new laws, Milanović added. He stressed that parliamentary elections are being announced by the president of the Republic of Croatia and not by the government.

"The parliament is dissolved if it does not expire before then, and 22 points out. or 23. December The Parliament is dissolved and afterwards, in the legal and constitutional terms, the President of the Republic is announcing the elections for the Croatian Parliament. That's how it works for more than 20 years, "Milanovic said.

Milanovic responded to questions pointing out that no matter what date would be the election to the Parliament and that he would not propose it, as his predecessors did, as he said.

"When there should be elections, that is not my job, it is the job of the president, one of the few duties and responsibilities of presidents - to decide alone or in conversation with someone else, I will not interfere," Milanovic said. He added that there are no more than three weekend to hold elections, but that is the case for the citizens. He reminded that the decision to dissolve the parliament is political and must vote for more than 50 percent of MPs, and "after a minimum of 30 expires, and most 60 days are run".

He has rejected objections that the government hesitates because he looks for economic results in the third quarter to support.

"27 will be released for the third quarter. or 28. November, and as far as I'm concerned, we can make choices sooner or later, we do not have to wait. Some preliminary data for the beginning of the third quarter show even better results than in the second quarter so there is no need to wait because I think Croatian people are clearly- Croatia is growing, "Milanovic said.

The government requested an extraordinary session of Parliament for 8. September and hastened the autumn work of Parliament "with the intention of ending with what we consider important, that is, laws that are for the benefit of citizens". He stressed that the measures taken by the government "did not allocate budget funds as before seven or eight years before the elections", but are the laws that will be found on the agenda of the extraordinary session of the Parliament that they have been thinking for a long time.

"That's not a billion kunas, so you rejoice, we do not work that way," he said.

Milanovic met with Split Mayor Ivo Baldasar and after the meeting said Split was a city growing and that cooperation between the city and the state was very good.

"Split is an example of a city that has overtaken itself. It used to be a very industrial city, and now it is no longer - neither good nor bad. Split is a city that is currently among the best in Croatia, so I hope others will not be offended because of it, "Milanovic said.

He said he talked to Baldassar about property issues, issues of oversight over maritime affairs.

"This is the dilemma we are dealing with for two years, whether it is okay to work in counties or at your own choice, the big cities of Rijeka, Split. This is something that is not written in Scripture and is especially important for the towns and municipalities on the coast, "the prime minister said.

Baldasar thanked the prime minister and ministers for saying he was "more than satisfied with the cooperation with the government" and ministers of which some "our fellow citizens".

"But they are Croatian ministers, not Split," Prime Minister Milanovic said, and Baldasar replied that it was good to mention them because they "know the situation in the city"