The Croatian Parliament will be dissolved at a regular session scheduled for Wednesday, 16. September, is known in the Parliament.

Deputies would, according to the current plan, work two weeks on a regular basis, but whether it is really going to be so or the session will be prolonged for that day, it is hard to say. It all depends on the number of laws that will be on the agenda, Hin said on Wednesday.

The parliament should therefore be dissolved at the end of September or the first days of October.

As always before dissolution, he wants the existing convocation to come up with some other laws, remind the Parliament.

As the regular session is scheduled for the second half of September, MPs will spend most of their seasons in parliament. Namely, for the whole of the next week there was an extraordinary session, from 8. to 11. September

This was done at the request of the Government, which wants the Parliament to be informed of proposals for amendments to the law on social welfare, excise and financing of local and regional self-government units, and on consumer bankruptcy laws and renewable energy sources.

After the current parliamentary assembly is dissolved, Croatia is awaiting the elections for a new convocation. The Constitution regulates that elections for parliamentary deputies are held no later than 60 days after the expiration of the mandate or dissolution of the Croatian Parliament, and the President of the Republic calls them.