New Year's wishes are behind us, and much of them are related to career plans. What will focus on citizens wanting to change right in this area MojPosao has investigated in a survey conducted on more than a 1600 respondent.

Most respondents (42%) will focus on finding a permanent job in the new year. These are the respondents who work in a way that their company extends a contract for fixed-term employment or those who are unemployed and looking for a job.

"After three years of work at a local firm, hoping for a contract on an indefinite basis, I've been dismissed and I'm currently on the stock market looking for a job," says one respondent.

Interestingly, in the second place are the respondents (27%) who will focus this year on looking for a new job. These are the respondents who are not happy with the current job and / or the salary and those who want to become independent and start their own business.

"If it's all right, your own company should open it. I can not wait, "admits one of the examinees.

Work abroad this year will try to find 22% of respondents, mostly in Germany and Sweden.

"Croatia is too expensive to work, the state takes almost half of the salary," one of the respondents explains.

5% of respondents who are mostly satisfied with their workplace or have recently received a (new) job will be devoted to education, retraining, or career advancement.

Searching for temporary / seasonal jobs during 2016. will focus on 4% of respondents. Some of the work that these people are interested in are the lavender picking and the job of an assistant chef. Some of them are pensioners who want to work and there are also students who point out that this is my chance to earn a pocket money.