Damir Kajin, Parliamentary Representative and President of the Istrian Democrats (ID), and Prime Minister Stipe Petrina, the first holder of the Independent List of Stipe Petrina, have reached a principled agreement on joint exit from the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Petrina reported, and Kajin confirmed that they found a series of touch points in their current political action. First and foremost, they point out that their common goal is to overcome the long-standing leadership of the HDZ and the SDP, which is changing over the Croatian political scene already in 25 years and imposed as a serious and verifiable political option.

"As Damir Cajin, a long-time parliamentary representative, who is recognizable in the Croatian public for never hesitating to openly express his opinion on any political and social problem, and also Stipe Petrina, in their upcoming parliamentary elections, their assurance is quite certain , will be victorious, "says Petrina.

Damir Kajin said in a phone call to Hino that there will be another 10 party of "pure hands, clean cheeks and clean nose".

"Citizens can offer, first of all, the truth and what no other political grouping that appears in these elections can offer, and that is that no criminal proceedings against the people on the list are sure," Kajin said. added that Petrina and he are a compatible story.

"We are a compatible story, and I think it can be a good story," he added.

The Coalition is also made by the Croatian Democratic Party of Croats, the Croatian Democratic Union (HKDU), the National Democrats, the Croat Party of the Unemployed, the Croatian Parliament, the Joint Movement, the Archdiocese of Šibenik-Knin County, the Association of Loza and the Independent List of Zdenko Sarađen, Ivica Radić Okrug, Andro Magić, Ante Mamut, Ivan Matić, Mate Skračić, Neven Mikulandra Bilice, Josip Kulaš, Mario Košta.

Kajin expressed the conviction that the seats for the Istrian Democrats in their constituency were not questionable and he was convinced that Petrina, along with its people, would be in the Croatian Parliament.

"Our greatest strength is synergy. No one has any reason to envy anyone in the list, and nobody, for that reason, will run any wars as it is already conceivable within the HDZ and within the SDP, "he said.

He said they "fought and will fight the duality of power behind which stands big capital, banking lobby and controlled media." The new coalition, he adds, sees a significantly different Croatia, either nationally or locally, and estimates that "as it is now established, the state has no future."

He said that, important regionalization added that Croatia, when it comes to territorial organization, must return to what it looked like in the Constitution of 1974. when the state was the most decentralized and the fastest developed.

Kajin also said that today in Istria there are 42 units of local government and self-government, with the county, and that all of Denmark has 98 plus five counties. Only in Istria, he adds, has more officials than in Denmark, and has more than three thousand associations. No one can withstand or follow any more, or the institutions will work or will not be, said Damir Kajin, and said he would take up for the new administration and would most probably speak on behalf of the electoral corps of their constituencies.