IKEA invites everyone who has bought a LAPTIC drumstick or LITTLE wooden percussion to remove them from the reach of children as soon as possible and return them to the IKEA store with full refunds, IKEA said. So far, no accidents have been reported with the products mentioned, they emphasize in a statement that you can read below:

IKEA products are pulled for precautionary measures, based on six reports in IKEA department store staff reports that there is a possibility that the rubber balls at the end of the drum shaft may be separated from the stem. A separate rubber ball may attract the attention of children, and in the worst case, there is a risk of choking. IKEA has tested both products and the results have met all of the applicable safety standards for toys, but during the follow-up, IKEA has revealed the risks that the standards do not cover.

"We develop products designed to encourage children's creativity and their natural gameplay needs. Children during the game do not think about security, so we have to do it when developing the product. The way IKEA thinking is simple - we only sell products that we would give to our own children to use. That is why, despite the fact that both products have met all the safety standards for toys, LATTJO Drumsticks and LITTLE wooden percussion have decided to withdraw from sale for precautionary measures, in order to avoid the possibility of any accidents, "explained Cindy Andersen, Development Manager for Children's Assortment in IKEA.

LIGHT TUBE BALLS and LIGHT wooden percussion were part of the assortment in all IKEA department stores of 1. November 2015.
LIGHT TUBE BALLS AND LITTLE wooden percussion buyers can return to any IKEA store, with full refund, and no account is required. For more information, please visit IKEA.com or contact customer service at 01 / 445-5444.