HDZ Parliamentary Representative Davorin Mlakar said on Wednesday that the request of the Government for the Extraordinary Session of the Croatian Parliament was not in accordance with the Rules of Procedure, as this request would have to be in writing and reasoned, and it is also convinced that all this "government maneuver finally dissolved parliament ".

"This request for the Extraordinary Session was sent from a phone session of the Government that did not need to meet because of such an important issue," Mlakar told reporters at the Parliament. He wondered what was so urgent that the Parliament had to meet seven days earlier than the scheduled date.

"All laws, or at least most of the Government's proposals, as we have seen in the materials, come into force with 1. January 2016. and for this reason the Sabor should not have an extraordinary session, "said Mlakar, who considers that" the reason for an extraordinary session lies in something else ".

"It is obviously a government maneuver that finally decommits parliament so we can finally make the elections," Mlakar said.

SDP's Parliament Speaker Peja Grbin reiterated to reporters that after an extraordinary parliamentary session next week to resume a regular session that will, like every one, begin the current morning.

"It will be a few weeks, but whether it will be two, three or four, I can not answer you," he told reporters Grbich refusing to comment on speculations on possible dates for parliamentary elections. "When all the necessary laws are adopted, the Parliament will be dissolved, which will be within constitutional and legal deadlines," he added.

Igor Kolman (HNS) also claims he does not know the date of the election either when his party will sign a coalition agreement with SDP but will, say, be these days.

"We are in a time when elections are to be expected, there are time limits for the dissolution of the Parliament and the convening of elections to be respected as they are laid down by the Constitution and the law," Kolman said, adding that the elections will be soon. He noted that an extraordinary session of Parliament was convened and that "there is no impression that a dissolution of the Parliament is expected immediately, the same week and at that session". The third noted that there is a lot of work to be done and a lot of laws that need to be brought, so he thinks it is good to start working something earlier than the constitutionally prescribed break down to 15. September

Independent Jadranka Kosor also did not want to indulge in predicting the date of the election, and she was also convinced that there was no reason to convene an extraordinary session which, in her opinion, created an extraordinary situation.

"I do not feel good about putting Vukovar in the center of attention and marking the Vukovar tragedy. Namely, the Vukovar tragedy is from 1998. it is marked in the same way, politicians have never talked and that was always the case, of course, with the events of the past two years that actually reminded him of the humiliation. That is why I see no reason to calculate with the avoidance of marking the Vukovar tragedy, "said Kosor.