Best World Recorder Sandra Perkovic and Former World Recorder on 100 by Jamajcanin Asafa Powell, in the company of Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic and leading people of 65. Memorial of Boris Hanžeković, visited the Mladost stadium on Wednesday, where 8 will be held. September to hold a Zagreb athletic rally.

"I can hardly wait for Hanzek, my favorite rally. I want a good performance to restore the fans' faith to me and I'm ready for a good result, "Perkovic said. He still has a time difference problem when he returns from Beijing to the World Championship where he won silver in throwing a record.

The biggest male star 'Hanžeka' will be the former world recorder on 100 m Asafa Powell. Jamaica is the sprinter with most races below 10 seconds on 100's history of athletics. He also performed in Zagreb last year, but in desperate times he was the second with 10.07 seconds.

"I remember doing well in Zagreb. Time was desperate, I hope these years will be better. I'm ready for a fast race and everything is possible. I want to show how really fast I am, "said 32-year-old Jamaican who won the gold medal at 4 x 100 m at the Beijing World Championships, and arrived in Zagreb on Tuesday directly from Beijing.

"That was the best I've ever had," he added.

Powell will conduct a series of promotional activities in the days to the rally, such as training with Erste Plave League finalists, training with domestic athletes, talks with journalists.

When asked about the secret of Jamaican athletes, Powell said with a smile: "Maybe in the air." He then added seriously: "There is no secret, just a tedious and devoted work."

Mayor Bandic called on citizens to visit a 'great athletic event' once again congratulating Sandra Perkovic and Blanka Vlasic on the won silver medals at the SP.

"Sandra and Blanka have achieved a great result at the World Championships, although we know how to admit only gold medals. That is why I want to congratulate them once again. It is not easy to be the other in the world, "Bandic said, who handed over a monograph about Zagreb to Powell.

Ruler Director Janko Goleš reiterated that the 18 medalist from Beijing was coming to 'Hanžek', which only confirms the quality of the Zagreb rally, while director of the competition, Siniša Ergotić, said that this year will be a free entry to the stadium.

"However, viewers will have to have tickets. They will be shared in front of the stadium from nine o'clock next Tuesday, "Ergotić said. (Hina)