Pope Francis first visited, as head of the Catholic Church, visiting the Roman synagogue of the Tempio maggiore, in which, condemning Islamist attacks, condemned violence in the name of faith.

In an exceptionally well-preserved temple located beside the Tibar River, the Hebrew psalm and speeches in which great progress was made in Catholic and Jewish relations in the last 50 years.

Francis, after John Paul and Benedict XVI, is the third pope who visits the Roman synagogue.

"The violence committed by men against each other is in contradiction with any faith, especially with the three main monotheistic beliefs - Judaism, Catholicism and Islam," the Pope said, pointing to the existence of "irreconcilable ties between Jews and Christians."

"Conflicts, wars, violence and injustice open the deep wounds of mankind, calling us to engage even more in peace and justice. No violence or death will never have the last word before God, "said Franjo.

Jewish religious leaders were even sharper in condemning Islamist violence. "Faith does not create hate. Faith does not shed blood. Religion calls for dialogue, "said the president of the Roman Jewish community Ruth Dureghall, addressing the pope. "We hope that this message will reach to the many Muslims who share responsibility with us when it comes to engagement in the better world, the world we live together. We can only achieve this together, "she said.

The chief Roman rabbi, Riccardo di Segni, condemned the violence "justified by fanatical visions with inspired faith".

The Pope warmly welcomed the leader of the Italian Islamic Community, Yahya Pallavicini, who attended the ceremony in the synagogue.

"The witch teaches us that we need the utmost caution to respond quickly to the defense of human dignity and to defend peace," the Pope said, using the Hebrew word for the Holocaust.

He expressed "closeness to all who survived the Holocaust," looking at the group of Italian Jews who survived Nazi camps and who sat in the first ranks of the synagogue.

Speech, interrupted by applause several times, the Pope completed the Hebrew "Shalom alejhem" (Peace with you).

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