The court in Río Grande del Norte, a federal state in northeast Brazil, sentenced five men and one woman to long-term prison sentences for the murder of Croatian citizen Ante Stanic and Swedish citizen Faik Nekic originating in BiH, robbed and killed there last year.

The bodies of 57-year Stanic, Croats from Tomislavgrada and 78-year-old Nekić were found 8.members of 2014. in the beach house Genipaba near the city of Natal.

In the house near the Atlantic Ocean, there was a gang of robbery, after which bodies of arms and legs were found with nylon bags on their heads, wrappings around the door, and rustle in their mouth.

The attackers stole their hired car and personal values, and suspects were arrested twelve days later, 17.

"They were there with the intent of executing more than one robbery, fully aware of their actions that they carried out freely. This is confirmed by the forcible closure of the victim's mouth, the violent assault that caused severe physical and mental suffering to the victims, and the assault also involved placing a plastic bag on the head which contributed to mechanical breathing prevention ", stated in the judgment published on the Rio Grande do Norte.

Judge Gustavo Marin condemned Ariani Mandu de Souza girl on Monday, who had not completed the 21 year at the time of the attack, to a prison sentence of 47 years, and so did Renato de Souza Celina.

Fernando Luiz to Nascimento was sentenced to 48 years and four months in prison for a robbery attack, encouraging a minor to commit a crime and owning an illegal weapon used against victims.

Danilo Lima da Silva and Fabio Henrique da Silveira Mendon have been sentenced by 46 years.

"The mode of action of the gang was a division of tasks. Fernando, Arians and Fabinho kept, attacked and killed Antu Stanić's victim. Danilo and Renato kept, attacked and killed Faik Nekić, "the verdict says.

The last convicted Aluizio Azevedo Silva, who helped them, was sentenced to 20 years and eight months.

The judge has refused to appeal against the sentence of liberty.

Last year, the media wrote that Stanić and Nekić organized a party in an attractive beach house, where Stanić lived, to which several women were called, one of which gave the killers a house. It seemed to be a minor prostitute, Ariane Mandu de Souza.

Stanić and Nekić two months earlier entered Brazil with a tourist visa.

"Brazil's levels of crime and violence are high. Special attention should be paid to the festivals and street celebrations, "the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns on its website. (Hina)