The schedule of performances at Laughter Studio this week offers a diverse team and a variety of themes. Whoever sins, who is the breed, and whoever likes the most, look below:

WEDNESDAY 20.01. in 20.30h "7 SMILE GRIJEHA" Theme Stand Up

God is gracious and will forgive you if you smile one night for His account and at the expense of His earthly deputies. Do not forget the next day to go to confession.

The outfit program leader is aligned with the theme of the show, and expect a spiritual sermon.

The comedians will cheat on all matters related to religion, church, religion, customs, and the like.

Marina Orsag, Miranda Loncar, Tin Sedlar, Domagoj Pintarić, Josip Škiljo and Marko Dejanović will shed.

Upad 40kn

THURSDAY 21.01. in 20.30h "HEPI FEMILI" Family - themed evening

Who do we love the most in the world, and every day we lose their nerves because of them? No, Dinamo is not the right answer. Like the domestic political scene. We love the most in the world - family! Blood would give them, and they would shed us blood!

From placid kids, over teenage teenagers, lost teenagers to mortally serious adults and forgotten elders, we will touch upon all possible dads, moms, brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandparents, wizards, uncles, tetas and tetas, and all other families of our killing family nerves. We have prepared the strongest fore on the subject of family, devotees, relatives and neighbors who are unavoidable diamonds in our lives. Like the LEGO dice on the floor.

With you will share your most beautiful family moments: Marina Orsag, Miranda Loncar, Tihomir Paravina, Saša Turković and Josip Škiljo.

Upad 40 kn

FRIDAY 22.01. in 20.30h "KAJ BRE ?!" Stand up show

The stand up "breed" of the symbolic name "Kaj bre?" Is the best of stand up forums with an emphasis on Croatian-Serbian relations. The idea came after three years of joint work and the perception that there are still tensions between ours and the Serb people, which is not very good for the future of the young people of both states, and it has been more than 20 years since the war and it may be time to put things out behind us.

Marina Orsag (HR) and Aleksandar Perisic (SRB) both were in pioneers and thus they grew up in the former Yugoslavia, so they experienced the disintegration and the creation of new states. As you have reflected on them and how they experience relationships between these two countries, you can see and hear this show twenty years later.

Upad 40kn.

SATURDAY 23.01. in 20.30h "OMEGA MAN" Aleksandar Perišić One man show

This now "Serbian Resident" Laughter Study comes again with her show. Since it is Serbian and the description will be in Serbian.

Unspecified - he did not even walk past the gym. He has gone through about ten romantic relationships and the same number of divorce cases. One girl told him, "What kind of a man are you? Dam your finger, you will want your hand! "Then he realized that the job of a gynecologist was not for him. She is now a professional driver, a freighter of categories. After the first stand up, a permanently released military obligation occurs. Tolerant on lactose and aflatoxin. He worked in the insurance agency where he had secured all his finances. He wants to become a new Richard Pryor, he has started with pigmentation treatments.
Stand-up enabled him to expand the circle of people who did not endorse him, meetings with Anonymous Alcoholics in all the former Yugoslav republics, and countless opportunities to realize that this job was not for him.

His performances are not recommended to bring the males, the heart patients, the people who have survived a stressful situation, managers, journalists, pilots, mechanics, officers and clerics of military schools and academies, metalworkers, fishermen, clever faces, Mirko Canglu from Voždovac. a part of the flair on the street, a Mexican ambassador, loners, whiskers, pharmacists, Rhinestone elves, craftsmen, sight-makers, anyone who was born in the territory of Varvarin, a hairdresser, Tozovac, a student from the Bucharest Academy of Sciences ... (the list is not final, update will come soon).
Mostly, the show you have to visit!

Upad 40kn.

Reservations for all shows are valid until 20h on the show. If you cancel please do so until 18 hours.
Reservations can be made to a precious 01 5588 980 landline or a modern mobile device 095 5103 129 or via our future connection at